Almost time to say good-bye to Cambodia

It’s almost time to say good-bye to the beautiful country of Cambodia.   It is bittersweet to be leaving.  We have all come to love the sights, sounds, people and culture here.  It’s incredible to think of all these people have survived.  However, we are a bit homesick for our families and homes in the US.  

On Tuesday, we toured the ancient temples at Angkor Wat, one of the “7 wonders of the ancient world.”  What an amazing sight they are.  We had a great day exploring and touring by tuk-tuk.   The temple area has lots of large trees and is shady and peaceful.  A relief from the city noise and traffic at the base. We went to the night market for shopping that evening and we all enjoyed a meal out.   Some had pizza but most of us enjoyed Burger King for dinner. 

Wednesday, the team went out with the circuit riders to help with MSSM all day.  We did two MSSM’s yesterday.  We could really see the results of the consistent, weekly teaching of the circuit riders.  The children n have learned English well and they love the Bible stories and quizzing.  Rachael led the team in telling the story of the Tower of Babel.  It was a real blessing to help the circuit riders and see what they do each day. 

Last night, Levi led in devotions and he shared from James Chapter 4 and what God had been working on in his life this summer.  The night before, devos were led by Noah and shared about faith.  Today is Claire’s birthday, so we are planning a special night out for pizza to celebrate!

Today, we spent some time picking up trash along the road outside the Teen Missions compound.  We are starting to pack and get ready to leave on Saturday.  

It has been a great summer with your teenagers.  Thank you so much for lending them to us.  They have grown tremendously in their walk with the Lord.  Please pray for our leaders,  Shannon and Vikki (and their daughter, Zoe), Kyle and team member Josh who will be staying on in Cambodia and not returning to the US with the team.  Pray that we would settle into life here well. Kyle will be staying in Cambodia for one year as part of the Gap Year Program, and Josh, Shannon, Vikki and Zoe will be in Cambodia until mid-December.  It will be hard to separate the team and say good-bye.  Also, pray for Kattie who will be leading the team back to the US.Cambodia 16 Cambodia 16

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