Only four more days here in beautiful Guatemala!

Only four more days here in beautiful Guatemala! It is definitely a bittersweet feeling, as we have grown so close to everyone here! Not only the staff and children of Nuevo Reto, but even the local people around us. The people we pass everyday walking on the small path, the local store owners who sell us veggies and fruits, and soda pop and chips to the kids. We are going to miss their warm smiles and friendly Spanish greetings. The kids have continued to work hard on the work site, yesterday they were able to finish the stairs, and teaching English twice a day. Today we have a special teacher in English class, Mr. Tanner, and we also have a special helper on the work site, Miss. Emily! The kids are prepared to work hard on their last work day as they may pour a few more support beams. They are also clearing all the trash and scraps from the work site, and getting it all nice and clean. The kids have also been cleaning up our housing area, scrubbing it from top to bottom, and we’ve also been inventorying everything and getting it ready to be packed up and flown back with us to Florida. 
Last night we attended our last wednesday night service at Templo de la Gloria. A group of girls, (Hannah, Tsion, Jayla, Kaytlyn, Maggie, Sabrina, Haley, and Grace), did a special music presentation by singing three beautiful songs! Mr. Tanner shared a wonderful message which included his testimony, and I think everyone left encouraged.
This evening we are having a special meal with all the kids and staff of Nuevo Reto, pizza! We are all looking forward to getting together for one of the last times and fellowshipping together. The last few days here in Guatemala will be filled with sightseeing which everyone is looking forward to! Tomorrow we are going to Antigua to sightsee and allow the kids to buy some authentic souvenirs. Saturday we plan to hike up a local volcano, called Pacaya. Then Sunday we are attending our last Church service here and saying goodbye to all of our new friends, and brothers and sisters in Christ. Monday morning we head for the airport to fly to Orlando.

We thank you for your prayers and support of our team, we are excited to finish up and head to Debrief, where we’ll be learning how to come back home and share all we’ve learned here. 
Being in Guatemala has brought me closer to God and has made me a better friend. I love being here and when I leave I want to come back.- Kayla Quinlan

Guatemala has been such a wonderful experience that not only has bettered my relationship with God but has also taught me a lot about who I am. -Rose Saunderson

God bless, 
The Guatemala Team 
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