Last Day of Construction Work… Tomorrow We Go Sightseeing!

Hello from Honduras!  The team has been working hard to finish the roof of the dorm building today, their last day of construction work. They have built trusses and have erected all of them by this point.  Two days ago they were mixing concrete with shovels to make support beams.  We only have one more night of guys and girls only Bible study groups and most team members have finished memorizing all forty Bible verses for the summer.  Tomorrow we are planning to take our sightseeing day to a waterfall and Saturday we will do some tourist shopping in the major city of San Pedro Sula (the city we will be flying out of in a few short days!).  Last night, Alyssa led evening devotions on the topic of trusting God.  Each night for devotions we gather outside and sing worship songs.  It’s a privilege to have been able to watch the spiritual growth of each team member.  The lady leaders are having fun planning our last few meals here and have a few treats up our sleeves 🙂  The team has really enjoyed all the traditional Honduran dishes we’ve been able to try.  Some of us have gotten fairly addicted to the mantequilla cream that is something like an ever-present condiment here.  Others have enjoyed the hot sauce that can be easily added to almost any dish.  Hopefully we will get to try more things on our shopping and sightseeing days.  Yesterday was the first birthday of baby Joel, the son of Chico and Kathy Chicas.  His similing face brightens every day.  We are excited to have a big birthday party for him on Sunday, complete with strawberry shortcake, ice cream, and a giant pinata full of candy.  It’s going to be great! Please pray for safety in traveling, for continued health, and for team unity to stay strong.  Everyone is looking forward to calling their parents when we arrive back to the States.  God bless, Eliza, Back up leader

Life in Honduras is definitely different than anything I’ve ever experienced before.  I’ve seen houses that I can’t even begin to imagine to live in.  And people that haven’t showered in what looks like weeks.  It’s sad, but it’s also opens my eyes and shows me how blessed I am.  I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to be on this trip.  I’ve made life long friends and memories that I’ll never forget.  Thank you to all my supporters.  See everyone soon! – Alyssa

Yesterday, I was on a scaffolding for most of the day helping put up the roof by lifting up trusses and sliding them into position.  Yesterday was my last day of construction work because today I have kitchen duty.  I chopped some potatoes and washed a bunch of dishes.  In devotions this morning I was reading in Psalms.  Tomorrow I lead evening devotions for the whole group.  I don’t know what I’m going to talk about yet, but last time I talked about God being the third person in a relationship. – Seth W.

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  1. thanks again for the Updates. Trip is coming to a close. so glad all went well with everyone. Such memories. special HUGS to Alyssa. safe travels for all

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