Tanzania There and back again!

 The first day we hiked 9 miles and it was all uphill from there.  At times it felt like we were in a parade as we’d pass by schools of children would come and wave and some would even follow us for 10 minutes after we passed their school and we’d have deep conversations that went like this “hi! hi! hi! hi!…  bye! bye! bye! bye!”.  When we finally got to our base camp, which was a youth center complete with a soccer field, volleyball net and bathrooms WITH RUNNING WATER, we set up camp and almost instantly the local children came to see what was going on.  We played games and showed them a few songs we learned from bootcamp and right off the bat we made about 20 friends that came and visited us every night.  When the chance for us to go out and evangelize came we had no idea what to expect.  The first day we went door to door and we were surprised to find that nearly all of the houses we visited were already Christian and our message changed from one of salvation to encouragement.  Many of them invited us into their homes and asked if we could stay for lunch or have some tea with them and on a couple occasions we were given gifts of sugarcane just for stopping by and praying with them over their family.  By far the most fun was going to the schools in the area and presenting songs, puppets, and dramas.  Carlie B. shared the gospel through the wordless bracelet and when asked if anyone would like to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior nearly every hand went up at both of the schools we went to.  Pack out day came all to soon for us up at the mountain, but it would have been to easy if nothing went wrong while on the mountain so we found out that our truck wouldn’t start.  It seemed like forever before Nolan P. finally found the problem with the battery and we got it up and running again.  

Right now our trip is coming to a close and the team is getting ready to go into Moshi to enjoy a day of tourism and shopping but like we have all discussed, we’re full time missionaries and just because your surroundings change doesn’t mean that your mission does.  whether we’re on the side of a mountain in Africa or in the middle of our own home town we are all missionaries on our mission field.  

God has used this team in mighty ways this summer and while its sad to be in our last couple days here in Tanzania Africa, we’re all ready to get back home and share with our families and friends all that God has done in and through us this summer.


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  1. Thanks for sharing. Have been praying for this mission trip.

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