Arizona — The Final Frontier

It’s been a busy week for the Arizona team.  We held Debrief for the Native American teens from Monday through Wednesday. While the Pioneers had their debrief classes the FTM’s continued their work project on the road at the top of the hill. The entire team enjoyed playing games during their funspiration time and also enjoyed quizzing during those days.  I think we all thought that “couples” quizzing was definitely the most entertaining of them all.  On Wednesday afternoon after the classes were done, the entire team went to visit the actual rock for which Window Rock is named.  We had a nice surprise as our director’s daughter, Cathy Stringer and her husband, Randy,  were out west on vacation and were able to stop by for a short visit.  They arrived just in time to see the team do a practice presentation and then join us at Window Rock for some pictures.  The team also had fun and learned some interesting facts about the area as they visited the Navajo Nation Museum.  

On Thursday morning it was with very sad hearts that we had to say goodbye to our Native American team members.  Many tears were shed as we prayed altogether and hugged each other for the last time.  The Pioneers and the FTM’s were very close all summer and it truly was heartbreaking to see them part.  Our team went from 21 people down to 9 in just a few short hours.  But, we dried our tears for the time being (some still shed tears just thinking about them leaving even now) and went back to work for the Lord.  Thursday afternoon after lunch, the team shared a presentation for the Western Indian Ministries  (WIM) staff and were then treated to Root Beer floats.  The team also had the opportunity to visit the Christian bookstore on the WIM property before heading back up the hill.  Even with as busy as our day was, the small team of FTM’s was ready to take on the challenge of completing their road repair project.  And so late that afternoon, they hiked back up the hill with their hardhats, work gloves, water bottles and tools in hand and within the hour you could hear them shouting praises to the Lord with the road project now completed! Having the road repaired will be a great blessing to WIM as they need to go up the hill to maintain their radio tower.

This morning (Friday) we packed up our things, cleaned up the area (kitchen, bathrooms, etc.), completed the equipment inventory and loaded the TMI bus to head back to Florida for Debrief.  We would appreciate your prayers as we will be driving for three days, planning to arrive back at Teen Missions on Sunday night. 

A Word from the Team Members….for the last time…..

This summer was awesome!  Thank you everyone who made it possible for me to be able to come here and share God’s Word with the wonderful Navajo teens who we got to meet this summer.  Praise the Lord for everything we got done! — Hannah C. 

This summer has been a fun experience. It was the first time I was on an all FTM team.  This was also my first time to help run a Boot Camp for Navajo teens.  —Richie S.

My heart is heavy leaving Window Rock, but I’m excited for what the future will bring.  Praise the Lord for all that we accomplished this summer.  — Rachel D.

God revealed himself to us in many ways over the summer.  It was a privilege seeing how God worked in the hearts of other team members, and how He has been calling me closer to Him through His Word.  “Can I get an amen”?— Jack V.

God really grew in all of us this summer, both individually and as a team. It was amazing being used by Him this summer to spread His Word and His love.  “Amen!” — Owen M.

This trip has truly been a blessing to me with all the people and the places that we’ve been and the things that we’ve accomplished through God.  It has been amazing!  We truly appreciated all the prayers that we’ve received.  — Liz R.

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