Bland, Robert Newsletter (Fall 2016)



Can you believe it is fall? It has been a hard, hard summer, but not without growth in TMI.

May 12 will always be a dark, dark day for me as that is when Bernie slipped into eternity. I was holding her hand at the time. Bernie had been sick and in pain for two to three months before that day.  We couldn’t get into our regular doctor, so I took her to a walk-in clinic. They said everything was OK and sent her home. The next day, I took her to Cape Canaveral Hospital where they confirmed she had suffered a massive stroke. We brought her home after a couple of days. Hospice provided a hospital bed and Howard Vanderpool put legs on a single bed for me to make it the same height as Bernie’s bed. That way we were together at night. She passed in that bed and I was right next to her holding her hand.

The following days were such a shock. I can remember very little of them. The viewing and funeral were at Mt Tabor, and burial was at Alma. Needless to say, my world has changed. I didn’t even feel I wanted to live at first, although so many tried to comfort me and our family. I miss her so much. I have a house to go to after work, but not a home. But I do have a blessed HOPE, that we will be together again someday on that other shore! How I look forward to that day! One encouraging point is I have my grandson, Joshua (we call him Mink), who lives with me. He works nights trading on the internet and sleeps during the days. He has been a great help. He does the laundry, pays the bills and does some cooking.Bland's family 2014

After the funeral, I became ill and ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. I was sick during Boot Camp but made it through and did my classes. The Lord did many great things in the lives of the team members and leaders this summer.  It was a blessing to see them commission to serve the Lord around the world.  

Then came Hurricane Matthew on October 5th. It did considerable damage, but not the total destroying Category 4 direct hit that was expected. Right before it was expected to hit, it “wobbled” (media language for “prayed away by many Christians”) and turned 30 miles out to sea, sparing a direct hit of 145 MPH winds, which would have wiped out Boot Camp. At my house some of my wooden fence is down, but no major damage. And the sink drain that runs under the house collapsed. I haven’t been able to work on that yet.

 Overseas, TMI is purchasing a Bible School in Honduras on the southeast coast. We plan to move our BMW in Honduras there. TMI is moving our Cambodia Siem Reap city BMW and base to Kampong Chhnang on a 60 acre farm in the country. The Bobbs are there until December 10. They will move the base November 19. 

Lord willing, we will be at Lighthouse Memorial Christian Union Church for the Missionary Conference at Buckeye Lake, December 8-11, with Pastor Bill and Peggy Beard.

Come and volunteer this winter. We need help!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

In Christ,

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