Curl, Kattie Newsletter (Fall 2016)

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Greetings Everyone,

I had such an amazing summer in Cambodia. We had seven team members on the team; even with leaders and everyone who went, we only had 12 total so we were a very small team. As our team liked to say “Small but Mighty”!

We were an MSSM (Motorcycle Sunday School Mission) team. We rode motorcycles to surrounding villages where the team members would put on presentations for the children in the village. During the presentation they would do Bible stories, dramas, testimonies, puppets, and songs. After they were done with the presentation the team members would hand out Wordless Books, the Wordless bracelets, coloring books and snacks to the local village children. Then we would play games with the children and let them do what they do best: play and just be kids.

One of the really neat things was many times when the team members were playing games with the little kids, the adults would start asking the leaders questions and also wanted to know more about the Gospel as well. When we were not evangelizing in the local villages, we were working on the base.

Teen Missions has two bases in Cambodia—one is in Siem Reap which is in the city where the Teen Missions dscn0262Bible School is currently located. dscn0424The other base is in Kampong Chang; this is where we spent most of our time in Cambodia and also where we did our work projects. Teen Missions is wanting to move the Bible College from Siem Reap to Kampong Chang so the work projects the team worked on included clearing land in preparation for building dorms. The team did a great job to the point where when we left, the land was ready for them to start digging the footers for the new buildings!

The team also did a lot of work on repairing the road to the base. The road was in pretty bad shape, so there was a lot of work to get it ready for the trucks to bring supplies for the building. We also had a lot of fun from going to the night market in the evening and having fish eat dead skin off our feet, to going to the Capital and getting to tour the palaces the king lives in, as well as spending the day at Angkor Wat—one of the seven wonders of the world! It really was a life-changing trip, and I was honored to be able to spend it with the team I was with!

Prayer Requests:

•I ask that you please pray for all the teen’s who went on the trip this summer that they would keep up with their devotions and set an example of living Christ-like now that they are home.

•Please pray for the people who were on our Cambodia team who stayed in Cambodia and will be staying for six months to a year. Pray that God would guide them and protect them as they do the Lord’s work in Cambodia.

•Also pray for the teens and leaders who are thinking about going on a mission trip this next summer. Pray that God would guide their decisions on where they should go.

In Christ

-Kattie Curl-


dscn02581.Team riding the motorcycles to a village





dscn02622.Putting on a presentation






dscn02883.Watching the village children color






dscn03654.Playing games with the children






dscn02095.Having the fish eat the dead skin off the girls’ feet!






dscn07137.Angkor Wat    

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