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Winter is gone—I’m gonna miss it. And this is the last winter I experienced here in South Africa. It’s seems like I’m not ready yet for the summer.

My heart is full of joy and thanksgiving to God for what He has done in my life since I dedicated myself to be His instrument for His glory, when I was a student. It was in 2006 and until now He took me to another place and another level. It is not by my power, but only by the grace of God. God is so good to me, and I can say that I want to share the ministry I have been doing here at Teen Missions South Africa (TMSA).

Samaritan Ladies Outreach (SLO)

Last term the ladies came, three or four at a time, and they really enjoyed learning the computer. They are still learning how to type and where to put their fingers on the keyboard. They have been working to the program of Word 2013. In the middle of the training, one lady said, “If I finish this program, I’ll get a better job and start a new life; but the problem is, it takes a long time and I can’t promise to come here often. My children now really need money for school.” Sometimes they feel guilty when they hear the Word of God because after that they go back to their life on the street as a commercial sex worker. We keep encouraging them and we pray for them and share the Word of God no matter how is hard for them.


We have been doing ministry at Sonskyn and now the Jehovah Witness also come and do their mission. They even built a big home for those people. They renovated the kitchen where they eat every day. Those people give donations of food and while they’re eating they do a slideshow about ministry, and they listen to the Word of God and sing gospel songs. My prayer for this community is to not lose their faith in Jesus Christ our Lord. We praise the Lord, one lady named Marna got a new job and now she has moved away from Sonskyn. Before she got the job we prayed and she’s been waiting for so long, now God answered her prayer.

Strawberry Field Outreach

We do the ministry to the ladies who are working in the strawberry fields. Last term we did this ministry, both students and staff, but now because we are only a few students, the staff cover the ministry. Those ladies, even though they’re tired from work, still spend time listening to the Word of God. When it’s lunch break time some of them take time to read the Bible. They always ask prayer request for their families in Zimbabwe.

BMW Outreach

Every Saturday we preach to the people in the nearby shops, in the street and to the drunken people who are sitting under the tree gambling. We encourage them and lead them to Jesus Christ and we pray for them. We believe the Word of God has power upon their life. Isaiah 55:11 “So shall my Word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.”

Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM)

We thank God for the children’s ministry we are doing. I do children’s ministry at Sonskyn, so every week we have different testimonies from the children. Magdalene is a seven year old girl who loves MSSM and comes every week. She is black and attends a white Afrikaans speaking school. Her mother can’t help her with homework because she doesn’t know Afrikaans. So she comes to one of the homes near our MSSM location for help from the white people. The problem she shared is that they beat her everyday and she tells her mom and she doesn’t fight back. Last week she shared that she did her homework all by herself and didn’t have to go to their house. Sometimes God allows challenges, sometimes we have an awesome time and even sometimes it seems like the children are not interested with the program. They spend a lot of time playing games rather than listening to the Bible lesson. Just pray for us as a teacher to keep patience and have compassion with those children.

Wedding Day of Alain and Yvette.

It was a privilege for me to attend Mr. Alain and Mrs. Yvette’s wedding. I was one of photographers at their wedding. They were beautiful and brilliant. The bride is from Burundi and the groom is from DR Congo. I was so amazed to see their culture. Before the bride and groom go to ceremony they have to drink a cup of milk so they do not go hungry during the wedding ceremony. They also joined the traditional Burundi dancer group and did dancing. From that moment, I can see the different culture from every country is beautiful and unique. So no one can say to the other culture “I have a more perfect culture than another”. That’s how they celebrate their wedding with their own culture.

In this new summer season I plan to plant some new flowers around the guesthouse on our base. I hope they’ll come up beautiful and I can’t wait to see them. I made some small beds and planted different kinds of flowers. Last summer I planted the seed, but the birds and chickens ate and destroyed them, but I always try to keep the flowers from them as long as I can.


1. For good health

2. For the children’s ministry at Sonskyn and also others ministry.

Prayer requests:

1. For God’s provision in my finances and monthly supporters

2. For continuing wisdom & strength

3. For a good relationship with my fiancé Kristian.

I thank you who stand with me in prayer and support. May our God Jesus Christ bless you.

Psalm 119:76

May your unfailing love be my comfort, according to your promise to your servant.

In His Grace

Tia Buaya

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