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p1030446Greetings from Mongolia, where fall has started! The leaves are falling, jackets are needed, and I am finally reaching for that blanket at the end of my bed. Seems so weird for me, not sweating, no mosquitoes. Hey, I’m not complaining. That may come later when the cold hits.

Not sure where I left off from my last letter, on a different computer so no record of the old letter. After many country changes as to where I was headed, it was finally decided to reopen our base in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. Teen Missions owns an apartment here located on the second floor with three bedrooms. If I have nothing else to do, I paint rooms and do repairs.

I am trying to reestablish connections with churches, missions and orphanages. It is amazing how many foreigners there are here. The range of God’s work is unreal, from ice skating rinks for teaching ice hockey to craft stores teaching English as they teach how to make salable crafts.

p1030412There are many needs here. If God has given you a vision you might try it out in Mongolia.

I’m attaching pictures to complete my summer story about the Mongolian summer team that worked very hard and fast. It was a time of staying awake at night trying to find projects for these kids to do, and they still were able to do evangelistic outreach in eight different places. Some outreaches were done in schools, orphanages, and to the Custic people in the countryside. The countryside trip was two hours of dirt road and ruts. We ate in their Ger (that’s their home, in a round tent). Most of these kids had only seen pictures of a Ger, and had never entered one. Also we saw the national monument of Genghis Khaan—again the kids had not seen their hero’s statue. The kids were born in the city, never to see their country side, but we did it together as I was as excited as they.

Our work project was the renovation of our summer house, nestled in the pines. I really liked that! The smell was wonderful and the sight so calming. The team repainted the exterior of the house and stripped wall paper off two rooms inside and painted them. They made two concrete landings on the walkway leading up to the long drop (out house). Now remember this, evangelism and work was all done in 17 days. These teens could pump it out when it came to work and they love their Lord Jesus.

p1020313-1Now that summer is over, literally, it’s time to visit churches and meet potential teens for next year’s teams, looking at sites for our teams to minister and do work. There’s always something to do. We need many of our classes translated into the Mongolian language, and I can’t help with that! TMI is considering opening up a Bible school here in January so that means lots of preparations.

I had a sinus infection that lasted weeks due to neglect on my part and not being near a pharmacy to get some antibiotics. All is well within and without this ole body. Praise our Lord for  watching over me. Please keep those prayers going up, even if you’re not sure what to say just remind Him that Loretta is in Mongolia and needs His guidance daily. Thanks!

As for my family, our Lord hears and answers our prayers. The grandchildren, all but three, are out of school. One grandson is married and at Ft. Hood in the Army; one grandson is in the Navy studying law, and another just got his first base in Boston in the Air Force. God watch over our young men and women as they serve our country and keep our freedom. Pray!

p1030419My mom continues at the Solaris Assisted Living Facility.  I get to talk to her a couple times a month on the phone. Last time she sounded so strong…WOW! Thanks again for your prayers. She takes NO pills, goes to no doctors, and eats well. She is in His Hands.

Need to close or I won’t have room for pictures. You’re all in my prayers…how can that be? Because our God knows your needs and I only need to say a name and He Knows what is needed. Thanks to all of you who post or send messages. It really helps keep me in touch with the world; I do get low when I have no one to talk to in fluent English. OK so I didn’t get good grades in English, but I like to talk and think in English once in awhile and reading your notes help me stay in mental touch.

His Love to all, Your friend, sister in Christ, family member,     

Loretta Smith

Joshua 1:9

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