Chicas, Chico & Kathy Newsletter ( Fall 2016)

 Chicas’ Chit Chat

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ! In all the activities over the summer, we can say that, “The Lord has helped us every step of the way.” (I Samuel abi-nailing7:12, New International Reader’s Version.) And we can give thanks to all of you for your prayers as we saw so many answers!

In May, Chico went up to Florida to help with preparing for this year’s Boot Camp at the Teen Missions headquarters. In June, the kids and I went up to join our teams. Abi was so excited to be on her first “Peanut” team, along with 37 other 7-9 year olds. Her team was making trusses and Abi is proud to say that she learned how to hammer nails without smashing her fingers! The rest of Boot Camp went well for all of us, including one night that Chico was the rally speaker! It just so happened to be the same night that the Mustard Seeds (4-6 year olds) and Peanuts had their Commissioning Service. So if you would be interested in seeing it, you can go to YouTube and put in Teen Missions rally 2016 Chico Chicas and it will come up with the rally of June 25th. (Abi’s team sings at about the 45 minute mark, and Chico begins at the 1:16 mark.) We also received a surprise visit from my mom who flew out from Oregon to see us. It was short, but certainly worth it!

July 5th was travel day to Honduras. Our team spent the first two weeks doing evangelism in the mountainous area called Intibuca. God certainly had His hand of protection on the team members as they rode bicycles up and down steep, gravel roads. After a few falls and one trip to the hospital; however, it was deemed best to walk or ride buses to the remaining locations. In all, the team was able to reach out to six different villages doing evangelistic presentations in schools and other places and also door to door. As a result, about 50 people made decisions for Jesus Christ! After that, we returned to our base where the team built trusses (and yes, Abi helped!) and put a much-needed new roof on one of our cabins. Once again, we were able to see God’s hand of protection. We know that the lives of our team members (and assistant leaders) were impacted in positive ways, though we don’t know to what extent. Please pray that God will continue to work in their hearts and that they would be sensitive and obedient to His voice.

abi-teamA few words from Daniel: I had a great summer in Nepal this year. I got to meet lots of nice people. We stayed at a children’s home and all the kids there were really fun; I enjoyed working and playing with them. After excavating and placing a foundation, we were able to start the construction of new bathrooms for the home. I had great joy being with the guys in Nepal and I will always remember my time there. Thank you for everyone’s prayers and support which made this trip possible.

A few words from Samuel: Dear friends and family, I had such an amazing summer in India. The first half of our trip, we worked at an orphanage carrying sand and bricks to a third-story construction project. When not working, we got to have the unique experience of playing and talking with the kids. The second half of the trip, we went to the Teen Missions base in India where our project was to lay a cement foundation for a brick wall around the property. Thank you for praying for and supporting me.

August was a busy and exciting month for us. On August 2nd, my sister and her 13 year-old granddaughter came down to do their own missions project. They painted the p1060631exterior of our kitchen and dining room building. It really does look a lot nicer now! August 3rd was Joel’s 1st birthday, and August 7th, Daniel and Samuel returned from their missions trips – so we decided to wait until that day to celebrate Joel’s birthday. And what a celebration it was—not only was our team here, and my sister, but the entire church from San Isidro where we attend here came as well! (It was in part to welcome Daniel and Samuel home also.) August 8th, our team returned to the U.S. and we had some time to get caught up on things. Then, August 17-18, we were able to take a family trip to the beach with my sister and then she left on the 19th which was also the same day that the term ended for the Bible School students and they left for a week of vacation. August 29th, the new term started up again, and we have 11 students this term. August 31st – September 7th, Chico and Daniel went to La Mosquitia on the Northern coast of Honduras to look for a good piece of property that could be purchased for the new Motorboat Sunday School Mission (MSSM) training center.

In the same rally that I mentioned at the beginning of this letter, the Director of Teen Missions, Robert Bland, gives an explanation of the vision that Teen Missions has for the area of Honduras known as La Mosquitia. If you watch it, it is from 1:06 to 1:16. But in case you would rather read about it, I will explain. La Mosquitia is a very large area of dense jungle and swampy land. Most of the area has no electricity, no roads, no schools, and almost no evangelical churches. People travel either by horse or canoe, and it is very expensive for them to leave if they want to come to the other side of Honduras. We currently have two graduates there running one circuit with the MSSM ministry. They visit six different villages each week, teaching phonics and Bible lessons, and playing games with the kids. But La Mosquitia is a very large area, and we could reach so many more people with the Gospel – if we just had the people to do it. We would like to have at least one circuit running on each of the five rivers that run through La Mosquitia. This would give us a way to reach three of the seven ethnic groups in Honduras: the Miskito, Pech, and Garifuna. In order to cut down the costs for the people who are already there, to be able to be trained to run MSSM circuits, the decision was made to begin a one-year training program right there in La Mosquitia! That is why Chico went to look for a property to purchase. Please pray with us that if it is God’s will, we will find a good place at a good price. The plan is that next year, all the students from the school here, would go spend one term there working to get the place ready and the training would begin mid-2017.

So there is a lot happening in this part of the world! We would appreciate your prayers for all of this just as we are truly grateful for all of your prayers thus far and your financial support that keeps this ministry and our family going. May God bless your lives and may you continue to be a blessing to others.

Thank you,

Francisco, Kathy, Daniel, Samuel, Abigail, and Joel Chicas

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