Shrock, Jason & Karen Newsletter (Fall 2016)

Shrocks on the Rocks

Shrocks on the Rock Sept 2016

Many people ask us what we do as missionaries so we invite you to walk a week in our footsteps.

Monday: Each weekday morning starts with chapel at 8 a.m. and we all take turns leading a song and sharing the Word. After getting the volunteer teacher at the taxi drop, we do a longer staff meeting over coffee and plan for the week and look at schedules. Then we are off to supervise girls in their school work and work on reports and base finances. In the afternoons each day we have work details that the students do. This is how we keep our program free. The students do landscaping, plumbing and electrical work, gardening and cooking. This last term we taught them tiling and they tiled the entire guest house. This term we are pouring a new concrete entrance to our base. We also use this time to prepare everything needed for the upcoming Boot Camp. One staff does Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM) prep with a student and they practice the lesson, phonics, music and the games they will do. Karen and staff go out and talk to ladies on the roadways and invite them to do training for computers, cooking, jewelry making or sewing. After training we always do a time of worship, sharing the Word and prayer with our dear Samaritan Ladies (aka commercial sex workers). We eat supper with the students which is a great time just to be family and not have to supervise them. Plus who has time to cook when we are so busy during the day.


Tuesday: Chapel and a short staff meeting; then someone must walk about a mile through the neighbour’s field to turn on the river pump that waters our garden and landscaping. We transport staff to Sonskyn (a kind of homeless shelter for very poor whites or Afrikaans people) where they do worship and a Bible study and then we pick up the teacher for the day’s class. At the beginning of afternoon work the students do a computer class learning keyboarding, Word, and Excel. MSSM is at Pyramid on Tuesday; it is the longest bike ride.

Wednesday: After chapel, staff meetings and job assignments, we get to work. Each staff takes a turn doing Prayer Closet in the mornings lifting all the Teen Missions bases and staff around the world up in prayer. We spend the mornings on the computer finishing reports, as well as finances to send to the headquarters in Florida. I will look at the base work projects and do planning and recruitment for Boot Camp. This is a good day to do food shopping for the base or supplies for work. The students have an evening class this term.

Thursday: As normal we have chapel and staff meeting then the staff and I prepare for the work day. Karen teaches a class on the Minor Prophets. Our staff leave around noon for a program called Fire on Farms. We do a Bible study with the migrant strawberry workers at several farms around us. When they break for lunch we sit under a big tree and sing and pray, sometimes with as many as 50 ladies. It has been a joy giving them the Word and many have received Bibles in their language to study by. I run the afternoon work as Thursday is a big day with all students on the base to work. Joy & Jolie have dance practice so Karen usually takes them to town to their practice and finishes any shopping that we may have need of.

Friday: After chapel and staff meeting I teach a class in Christian Ethics. The students are searching the scriptures and learning about how we develop our ethical worldview in light of God’s teachings. We are going through the local news headings and discussing what should the Christian response be to what South Africa is going through. A big problem in South Africa is corruption and bribery so we are having discussions on its affects and the church’s response. Again we have our MSSM program which is about a 10-minute walk away with the local kids and I run the students’ afternoon work projects. The girls have dance again on Friday afternoon, then they get prepared to go to youth group at Hillsong Church Pretoria. Many times Karen and I take the girls to their group from 6-9:30 p.m. which gives us a great time to go out on a date night.

Saturday: BMW student outreach is in the morning, so we drop the students to do evangelism near a shopping area. We buy veggies for the base and family when out. Sometimes we are busy hosting youth groups or pastors in our guest house and retreat center. Otherwise we go shopping as a family, clean the house, attend one of the girls dance competitions, or Skype with family!


Sunday: We attend Hillsong Church as a family in the morning with the girls who are in love with it. We enjoy the people and have seen real growth in the girls. They have great friends there and would spend everyday there if given the chance. I (Jason) usually take the girls to the evening service while Karen stays and watches the base. Some Sundays we visit African churches and do Boot Camp and BMW recruitment which is always exciting with lots of singing and dancing.

Remember that at any given moment the electricity could go out which means the water won’t be pumped for a shower. A call could mean you need to help someone with a lift or food for the day. People just show up wanting a tour of the guest house or information about our ministry, so flexibility along with availability is the key.

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Our two youngest grandbabies began to walk in the last few months. HannaLea and Jack are now mobile! The Lord has been impressing on us about walking in our classes, church and in a recent sermon by Symps. he preached about “watching our steps.” One of our staff said we need to “walk and your faith will follow.” As we think about the saints in the Bible they did years of walking with the Lord, sometimes not even knowing where they were going. So for camp our teams will be called Abraham, Sarah, Moses and David. The Lord’s Boot camp in South Africa is in preparation mode and we look forward to the 100 kids that will be here this December.

Thanks for walking with us and praying for us. We pray that we will continue to “walk in all His ways, love Him, and serve Him with all our heart and soul.” Deuteronomy 10:12.

Jason, Karen, Joy & Jolie

Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God”


Karen’s dad, Hugh, had radiation treatment for prostate cancer and now he is healed.

Jason’s mom, Judy, had a hip replacement and is healing quickly

Joy turned 18 on September 28!

Jason passed the driving test for his minibus license.

Symps has a position with InterVarsity. Pray for his friendraising.

Prayer Requests:

That Boot Camp will be successful, safe and have lots of salvations

Increase in the number of BMW students for January

Wisdom for decisions and transitions for our family in 2017

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