Bland, Bob Newsletter (Winter 2017)

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Dear Family and Friends,          

It’s hard to believe that we are in a new year, but I welcome it and pray that it will be better than 2016. That’s when the Lord took my precious Bernie home to heaven. I’m glad she is out of pain and misery, but I miss her so much. The Lord has encouraged me by His Word. In I Thes. 4:13,16,17, “If we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so then also who sleep in Jesus WILL GOD BRING With HIM. The Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout…we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together WITH THEM in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and so shall we even be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words.” I hope these words are as much a comfort to you as they are to me. In my Bible I wrote the name Bernie over the passage. Maybe you have a name you want to write in your Bible that the Lord is going to bring with Him at the “meeting in the air”.

I am back to work at the office now after working at home for a while recovering from my broken ankle. I still can’t drive with the boot on my right ankle, so Kathy Vanderpool comes to get me and take me home each day. My grandson (Cathy’s son) Joshua, whom we call “Mink” is a great help. He lives with me and works nights on his computers buying and selling foreign currencies. He has five screens in his room with graphs I don’t understand. He does our laundry and has coffee made for me in the mornings. The staff have been very good about bringing us food. The bigger need is house cleaning. We hope to get to that sometime next year!

The work at the 30 bases around the world keeps us busy. The devil fights, but the Lord is doing great things overseas as well as here. Teen Missions has given the RV Park in Cocoa to AIDS Orphans to support that work. I serve as CEO of AIDS Orphans & Street Children as well. This winter is the first time the park has been full. We have a couple, Ken and Polly Brown, who live there and run it for AIDS Orphans. They are doing a great job. If you know people with RVs who want a fine Christian-run RV Park, please have them call 321-631-0305. We are near all the major Florida attractions.

New to TMI is MAD Mother’s Fellowship. MAD stands for Making A Difference. Linda Evans, a new staff, is heading it up. We have a FREE MAD MOTHERS RETREAT Feb. 27-March 3.  If you know of any ladies (they don’t have to be mothers) who are interested in praying for AIDS Orphans in a fellowship of like-minded ladies in their own local area, please have them contact Linda Evans at 321-453-0350. They are welcome to come to the TMI Conference Center—FREE registration, FREE housing, FREE food! No commitment is required. This is to inform them on how they can start a fellowship in their area. Husbands can come also and volunteer at the same time. We will feed and house them. The word MAD comes from Jude 22 which says “some have compassion Making A Difference.” These ladies can Make A Difference for AIDS Orphans in Africa.

We have two twenty-foot containers ready to ship to Zambia. They have a well drilling rig, over 100 gallons of first-aid antibiotic cream called Calmoseptine, which was made in California and given to TMI for AIDS Orphans. There is also about 16 tons of clothing and shoes for orphans and school supplies such as black boards, chalk, pencils and thousands of crayons. What a blessing these items will be to those who receive them.

New bases are being established in Mongolia, Myanmar (Burma), Honduras, Cambodia and Ecuador. God is doing great things in TMI and the related ministries. To God be the Glory! Thank you for your prayers and financial and moral support. May you also be blessed.

In Christ,

Bob Bland  

Hebrews 13:8

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