Smith, Loretta Newsletter (Winter 2017)

SmithL Staff Newsletter
Greetings again to all my Family, Supporters and Prayer Warriors:

Another year has dawned with all its new challenges and God-led travels. Every day we hear of new happenings and changes all around us, and we look up to the One who never changes and seek His comfort and guidance.

Again I’ll use pictures to fill my letter space. I believe a picture is better than words, especially if you’re not gifted in storytelling. Hello! These pictures are from my recent time in Mongolia.

The pictures of gers and riding horseback were some of my last day experiences. God is good all the time. I hadn’t ridden in years, but all or most of it came back to me in a short time. Missionaries try to get together about every six weeks to do overnighters and share their needs, praise reports and have relaxation time.

The picture of ice skating is actually a soccer field flooded with water in late November that lasts for five months. Note in the background is an orange peaked roof—this is the apartment building where I lived. Lots of kids skate morning and afternoon, as school is in two sessions every day.

You can buy most foods from vendors on the streets, or there are lots of markets very similar to ours here in the States. I try to buy food off the street and support our local farmers. Many people still dress traditionally.

I came home late November and had Thanksgiving with Mom. She fell in November, was hospitalized, then moved to rehab. I was told her assisted-living days are over due to her inability to move around without assistance. She is currently on hospice with a fast-growing cancerous tumor and dementia. We are having good times together—short but good.

After Thanksgiving I went to my daughter, Debbie’s home and stayed for a couple weeks with her youngest Meagan, while momma became Mrs. Scott Jordan, our newest addition to the family. After their return from Maui, I flew down to California to see more supporters and family, staying with Doug and Linda Eaton. It was too short a visit, but I needed to head home to start the New Year at the TMI Florida base.

Now for what’s up next for our team—you and me. I am working on going back to Mongolia sometime this spring. We are currently working on a long-term visa for me and any other future TMI missionaries going to Mongolia. We want to start a Bible school there and also teach English as a second language. Please keep your prayers going upward—they do reach Him. I have had lots of answers to prayers.

Thank you again, warriors. We are like this last picture of the Genghis Khan statue, only warriors for Christ Jesus, our Lord!

Prayer Requests:

  1. That Mom is comfortable with no pain. She just wants to be with Jesus.        
  2. For God’s guidance and wisdom on the move to open a Bible school in Mongolia.        
  3. Guidance for me in travel, visa applications, conversation and health.        
  4. Peace for me and help with understanding the Mongolian staff—language is a barrier.         
  5. To watch over the staff and families, and board members. Let there be unity and peace in decision making.

God Bless you all and may His Peace surround you,

Loretta Smith

TMI in Mongolia

Rev. 22:12 O’YA!!

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