Curl, Kattie Newsletter (Winter 2017)

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 Greetings everyone!        

I hope you had a wonderful holiday with friends and family celebrating the real reason for the season!

So much has happened since I wrote my last newsletter, I don’t even know where to begin! A group of us went to Evansville, Indiana to take down the Old Testament Tabernacle. We were there for four days, and we had the Tabernacle down in two days. There is a weekly Saturday night rally at TTT Ministries and they wanted two of us to speak, (a friend and me) so we stayed for two extra days. With the extra time we had at TTT Ministries, we helped work on some projects they needed done and also went to a local Toyota plant, and to a dream car museum. After we were done in Indiana we came back to Florida, had a day off, worked a day, voted, and then we were off to Shady Shores, Texas to take down the other Old Testament Tabernacle. Our crew was the same people who took down the Tabernacle in Indiana, so we had it down, and were on our way back to Florida in no time! We had a lot of fun on the “never ending” Tab trip. We made a lot of great memories with a lot of wonderful people!

I was also blessed and honored In October when I was able to go home for a weekend to watch one of my best friends get married. It was a very nice outdoor wedding. They were married in a historic covered bridge. It was a beautiful fall day. You could not have asked for a nicer day to have a wedding! To be able to be a witness at the wedding was an honor. I was so blessed I was able to be there.

The mission trip I am going on this summer has already changed. Before I left to go to Ohio for Christmas break, I was going to be leading a team to Botswana/South Africa. After I got back from Christmas break, I found out they cancelled that team, and I’m now going to be leading the Zimbabwe team. The Zimbabwe team is an eyeglass & medical team. The team will travel to different villages to hold eyeglass clinics, meeting the needs of those who come. They will also receive basic first aid training to assist the staff in treating those who come for help. In addition, they will get to help with Sunday schools by teaching Bible lessons, phonics, quizzing and playing games with the children. There will also be opportunities to share the Gospel through puppets, music and dramas.

Situated just above South Africa and below Zambia, Zimbabwe is a country in turmoil. At one time it was a self-sufficient, prosperous country but today its people live in abject poverty and the economy has all but collapsed. The downfall began when President Mugabe’s government began to remove the white people from their prime farmlands in 2000. These farms were parceled out to subsistence farmers who had no resources to continue making the farms prosper. This land redistribution has caused staggering economic decline and mass food shortages. The majority of Zimbabweans live in poverty and are barely able to afford basic necessities, such as food. Simple things such as bread, meat and toilet paper are unaffordable luxuries. Of the 13 million Zimbabweans, around 80% are unemployed. Indigenous beliefs and Christianity are the two major religions in Zimbabwe.

The AIDS Orphans 5K Mud Run is coming up on May 6th. The AIDS Orphans 5K Mud Run features 35 challenging obstacles and plenty of mud! Compete individually or with a team in a timed event to receive awards or run just for fun. There is something for everyone. Proceeds from this race will provide food, medicine, education and spiritual hope to over 10,000 children in sub-Saharan Africa receiving care through our partner ministry, AIDS Orphans and Street Children. If you would like to learn more about the Mud Run you can go to the Teen Missions web page or The Aids Orphans 5K Mud Run page on Facebook. We would love to see you there!!!


Prayer Requests

         -Please pray for all the teens, leaders, and volunteers who have signed up, or are thinking about signing up this summer to help with Boot Camp or go on a team. Pray that God would guide them in their choice on where to go.

         -Pray for the health and finances for all the staff, interns and for the students raising money for their internships.

         -Pray for my Zimbabwe team. Pray that they would have an open heart for the Lord. They would grow spiritually before, during, and after the summer team. Pray that God would give us leaders spiritual wisdom and unity in decisions.


Your Servant in Christ,

Kattie Curl

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