Lives changed at Amy Wellman Orphan Rescue Unit

Weekend Outreach Reaps Eternal Reward

Following are 1st hand testimonies from the Malawi Bible School Students… Enjoy!

First of all I just wanted to honor God because of good journey that we had on friday on october 21 2016 from Chipoka base to Ntchen rescue unit. So we reached there in good time and we had game that we worn. After that we had worship and we received many kids from different families and because of that I am pleasing God Because our purpose was to ministering to them and we had deliverance from different people. I prayed with 3 girls to deliver them from evil spirits and again they had different sickness and I prayed again on those problems. Kaso Gilbert and Jogina Jim had this things of deliverance and to pray for their sickness, happened during Saturday evening but I did all of these things because of the power of God, Because it was my second time doing this stranger things in my life and indeed God is doing something in my life. Thought it was my second time doing this in my life I thought it to be very successful ministry. After that we reached a sunday school on the 23 we went to living waters church there again we had a successful service add again we prayed with the people there and some they had some problems in there bodies but because God was using us we did the we felt God wanted us to do. So we are thanking God because of all things what we did according to our ministry because some they received Jesus christ to be their saviour and as of now they are walking in Christian life. I am just begging God that he should continue his work in my life and to everyone who received Jesus Christ to be their personnel Saviour because they made a good choice to choose Jesus Christ.

— Dyson Japhet

To say the truth the journey to Ntchen at Amy Wellman has brought me many things to testify. It was a good journey and indeed helpful to my spiritual life. In my mind I remembered what the coordinator of teen mission here in Malawi told us during his preaching under the team. Go and make disciples from the book of Mathew 28: 16 -20. and when I reached there the speech made by M. Tsukani coordinator of BMW at one school had also helped my ministry just at hand. He said Ntchen is full of good people to welcome visitors but having problems in terms of spiritual life. 

Suddenly many children gathered at that unit and this had filled my interest with the aim of the directors visions. Bob Bland, he really had a living vision to say teenagers are supported to the considered as under Gods ministry. I had this in my mind when I just started talking with some children whereby one of them explained his life situation. The following we went for door to door ministry. There we meet a woman who testified that she dreamed she was being burned by fire and she started praying. She is a CCAP member. I encouraged her and she told us to still pray for her. She said that God still loves her. Though we were still there we visited Mr. and Mrs. Kanyali. The husband told us that he is not having time to talk with us. After conversation he agreed. The wife explained that the husband do not want to go to church . They all belong to African Abraham. The woman accepted Jesus Christ. 

The second Night service is when we saw the great miracles from God. Many people received Christ. Those prayed with included Mary Paul, Minafe Chikaye, Lonjejo Kaphala and Ester James. When morning came we went to living waters church where many people received Christ. Just to mention few things I thank God because of his help and indeed we need to go and make disciples. 

— Samuel Jonas 

We had a safe journey as we were going to Ntchen. Amy Well-man Rescue unit. After arriving we had a football game and by the time we were arriving the team we were to play with was already at the football field. We won the game 2-1. in the evening we had rally and many people received jesus Christ and those who were in need of prayers were helped and delivered. On Saturday we had door to door ministry. We approached a certain family which was christians and we appreciate the encouragement that they were facing obstacles, but with the messages they were set free. 

We did not just stopped ministering on that family we proceeded with my fellow students. Haneck and Moses, to go and proclaim the wood of God to others. The same day we had open air ministry and I was teaching a certain man who seemed he had no attention for the Word. After discussion, we had asked him some questions, he said he received Christ already, and every sunday he goes to church which is a Roman Catholic and when he was sick he received healing from God, to him these were the points that he is born again christian. But the bible says in Romans 10 : 9 he who confess with his mouth and received Christ. This man is known as Mr. Osward Loniford. 

On the same day Saturday I prayed to Mike Saner who was not feeling OK but after prayer he said he was feeling better that before. Another thing he was lacking in his life is encouragement since he is an orphan and to find some things is hard to him he said his life is changed. On Saturday we went to Living waters Church where we took part in praying for the people. Great and miracles happened and people were delivered from evil spirits. When we were still praying to people a certain girl started confessing. I thank God almighty because of the successful ministry we had since the bible says if one reason ministry we had since the Bible says if one person has received Christ in heaven there is joy. God had been with us the whole time we were in Ntchen, amy Well-man Rescue unit. I would like to thank Teen Missions for the vision to be visiting Rescue Units and encouraging the orphans. This will help many people to know Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior 

To God be the Glory from today and forever more!

— Joshua Mnjere

I just want to talk about the ministry we had starting Friday up to Sunday. We had a great ministry there in Ntchen and god was with us. The good thing was that many people there they have received Jesus Christ including the Orphans kids. It was on Saturday night when people from the village came at eh centre to pray with us. It was a day that many people from the village received Jesus Christ and those people who had demons they were set free. On Sunday we went to church at living waters and we had a great service so ourselves as missionaries we took part there for helping those people who have problems. I am thankful that God help us get a lot done, even our voices has gone because we were praying hard to the Lord so that God should be at our sides. We have seen the power of God that was put upon us so that we may be able to help those in need. 

— Hameck Jeliscla 

We arrived at Amy Well-man Rescue Unit in Ntchen around 4 and we had a football match with a team of the village. I was a good goal keeper and we won the match. Around 6 I gathered some kids together teaching the Bible stories and encouraged them with the word of God. In the midst of the ministry, the BMW coordinator Mr. Tsukani found me and asked me to release the children to eat supper in their homes. I did it and many children ignored this and insisted me to continue teaching them. I shared with the m the story of Jacob and his sons focusing in the life of joseph. Later we had rally on which I and some other students participated with drama to entertain and teach the audience mixed with children and parents. 

After we had intercessions in the morning the BMW coordinator commissioned us in three groups and we scattered all over the village charing the word, I was with Joshua and Haneck. We approached one house where we encouraged the fellow christians to strengthen their faith. I was the one mainly sharing the word of God and my friends adde4d on the message. On the same day, we had an open air where the word of God was shared and some people were encouraged and others received Christ. After this all were scattered react for watching the Football match we had. This time I was not a good goal keeper. When the game started off, I motioned some women and sat somewhere for the word of God. These women were also Christians. They had asked many questions and we provided them with the answers on which they were satisfied. Later we had the second rally that night. It was full of Gods power and I helped pray for the people to be delivered. This rally brought us into another day, we stopped around 12. 

The next day after breakfast we went to the church nearby, called the living water. The pastor of this Church gave us a time to pray for the people in the church. I prayed for those members with my teammates. Many were delivered. Then we started off our journey back to the base around 2 and arrived at the base around 6 

— Moses Timbenawo 

I would like to let you know about the ministry that we had at Amy Well-man rescue Unit in Ntchen. Our journey was so wonderful, we reached there around past four. Our ministry began in the same day before the sun set, we had a football game and we won it, people was so interested to see us. During the evening time we had rally we danced for the lord, sing for the lord. Many people heard the drums and songs, they came and joined us, singing together and worship God Together. As the message of salvation has preached and touched the soul of people. God shows his mighty power.

On Saturday morning hour we had door to door, we went around the unit village to preach the good news. As our group visited Mr. Benchhi, we find his wife and Children. His wife received jesus Christ and again she was sick. Evening time we had rally and many people come to join us for worship God and we got to see with our own eyed what God has been doing many people got deliverance, same salvation, and restoration to God. My heart is thankful for god and what he has done at Amy Well-man Rescue unit and I thank God so much for giving me this idea, because many people, elders, youth an children got deliverance, healed and now they know about Jesus Christ. The ministry according to my life, it has helped me so much and now I know that God called me to go and word in his garden and we Christians we have a big job in this world to do. This is what I have observed in this ministry. 

— Watson Bimba

on October 24 tuesday we departed were to Ntchen, Amy Well-man Rescue Unit. We reached there around 4 pm. During the night of our arrival we had rally service whereby many souls came to Christ after the message. The following day we had door to door ministry in the morning. It was good and effective because the whole family of eight people accepted Jesus Christ as a personnel Savior. We prayed for a stomach problem during door to door ministry Afternoon we had open air whereby many people got encouragement and some helped after accepting Jesus Christ After open air we had a game of football and we won the game. During rally service that is when we experienced the power of God where by many people delivered from evil spirits. It was wonderful night service and we seen God using us as a team. 

The next day which was sunday, I got to pray for people and help bring deliverance for people at the living waters church I really miss this kind of ministry. To God be the Glory. 

—Noel Chatata

First of all I want to appreciate God because of His love he have from us through the revelation of the unit revival ministry upon our base. When we were departing for the ministry, it was just like we are going to know what our friends are doing, but the moment we arrived there at Ntchen, Amy well-man Rescue Unit things changed for many people around they came to hear what we had for them, and they were there waiting for us to start the night rally. In our first rally we had 137 people of all ages and ¾ of these people received jesus Christ after the message which was preached by a fellow student, the same hour after preaching and called for decisions, I helped four guys who were not knowing about salvation in Jesus Christ. I explained the message to them and these four guys received Jesus Christ as their personnel savior. 

In the morning we had door to door ministry. In this program I thanked god for he was the one giving revelation to us to pray and through those prayers e strengthen us to go into the village for door to door ministry in the very dame morning. We had a wonderful ministry which was filled with many wonderful experiences. In the night of the same day we had another rally and it was very wonderful rally for people were delivered from evil spirits by our prayer. I helped one guy who was dancing and was filled with evil spirits. I spent most of the night talking about salvation and asking many questions. 

— Chilconeli Raphael

In this testimony I would like to share with you concerning our journey we had it was October 21 when we started our journey from Chipoka to Ntchen in order to encourage orphans and other people surrounding that particular village or area. That night God choose me to help a girl she had a problem stomach pains for long periods of time, I had to assist her through prayer. The next day we had open air, there after the message. I found 12 girls sitting under a tree and started spreading the word. That day I believe thy all received Jesus Christ as their savior. I had a great time ministering and and thankful that I got to go and help people. 

— Wilicks Laston

We reached there on friday then we had football game during the day and at night we had rally where we danced and sang for the lord with many people from the village and the children of this center. 

On Saturday we had to go door to door where we meet different people, but the first house we had chat with a certain woman. She is a born again Christian and she received Jesus Christ Saturday night we again had rally were more people came too know Christ. 

Sunday Morning we had deliverance service where people had to be casted out demons and this time was my first time to pray for someone who attacked by demons but I saw the power of pray working it way through these people. I am thanking God because of this new ministry which has just started and I am asking God to bless the people and the ministry. 

— Jahsiel Dickson Mpagaja

Chauncy Chilaoh 

This weekend we headed to Amy Well-man Rescue unit in Ntchen for ministry. Once we reached to unit we had a football game in which we one the match. That night we had rally where we did some activities with children; we danced and sang with them not only the choir by the village women and unit kids as well as BMW choir. My group entertained the rally by doing a certain drama. The next day we had an open air at the football ground, a lot of people receive Christ while there encouragement after open air we had a football match again with a different team. God was with us again because we won that game as well. While in morning we were doing door to door ministry. My group went to a certain house where we did a bible study and both of them received jesus Christ. 

On sunday we went to the church called living waters church, there we see the praises of God for the people to be removed of demons in the name of Jesus Christ, same there are sick while others deliverance. In short I can say from this weekend at Amy Well-man we had a good ministry and god he was with us and to say the truth God is working and is the real answer to what ever you want, God provided through Jesus Christ may the good Lord bless you. 

Greyn Boma

It was on friday that we departed to Amy Well-man rescue unit. We reached there at the Unit so that the orphan children may be encouraged through us. We had an a good football game where we won. On Saturday we did a door to door ministry who we found a woman that was grateful for us being there and was very interested in was we had to teach. During the afternoon we had the open air ministry where by many people received jesus Christ and got encouragement because of the message. 

We had another football game on Saturday with a different team and it attracted many different people. In the evening we had the rally where by we preached, sang and danced with the village. Sunday we went to church at living waters and prayed for the church as a whole.

All in all I am praising the almighty God, the everlasting father, prince of peace for the way he made for us so that we might be able to preach to the villagers. 

John Mwaijohdala

I would like to introduce my testimony on what has been done in the first trip to Ntchen. We had a safe journey and the people welcomed is. Since the place we reached there is already a unit. We had two kinds of ministry; first one was preaching there by we gathered together in the tabernacle with a lot of kids and many people including men and women and also youth. 

To me as an individual I had to help some the people , this happened on the first day, that was on friday night, but the time we reached there around 3 pm we had also to play football game with the owners of the village, and we won the game. 

The next day by afternoon we played also with the orphans from the same unit and we won 3 ourselves and them 2. In the evening we also had prayers from 8:30pm to 12 midnight. It was so amazing that we got to cast out demons and pray for the many villagers that came to the unit. 

Now on sunday, we went to a certain Church called living waters and these we saw the powe4r of God delivering people and one of our members was given the chance to speak the Word of God after the introduction of all of us by Mr. Tsukani, from the same spot people recognized Teen Missions and the Church gave is the chance to pray for the people and many for delivered and the church appreciated again so much and they said this should not be the first and the last but the beginning and this is going to Teen Missions Office. I conclude, that I would like to thank Mr. Bob Bland for his vision, and the honor to Mr. Frey for your heart to send us to Ntchen, honor to Mr. Tsukani and all the staff God bless you in Jesus name. 

It was nice moment when we reached Ntchen. TMI centre where the children are raised up in their both physical and spiritual affairs. It was on friday afternoon that we arrived. By night we had a service which we had to hear the words of god from the pastor. 

Now on Saturday which followed to the arrival day. God also spoke to the people through the pastor. This was the miraculous day because people had to be delivered, receiving Jesus Christ and also others they encouraged to move stable in their christian ways. This is now my testimony on how God used me in time of the ministry. I was given a man that was filled with disease. With my faith in jesus and addition to his faith we had prayed. He had to testify that he was feeling good, that led me to praise God. 

Further I also given the three girls whom they were posses with demons. They were to explain their problems to me and seek help from God. Then myself I promised then that God is going to do something very great because our God is not a failure, he is always a winner. 

Finally I am praising God for the job which he is doing in his people more especially to my self. I am seeing God uplifting my spiritual life and untrusting my strength of faith upon Jesus Christ. 

— Special Chipwaka 

It was on october 21 we arrived at Amy Well-man rescue unit. Soon after arrival we had a game against the orphans, we beat them with 2 -1 

Ministry started very well we had a service were many wonders were taking place, and people were receiving Jesus Christ some restoration, which happened the which I had never experianced before in deliverance. Many people had been delivered among this people I helped. 

On Saterday around 2:30 we had an open air where we had many people this time after opne air we had a football game we have also had won this game. I prayed with many children and for the to receive Jesus. On sunday we went to Living water Church were we prayed for the church and the people in attending. 

— Nelson Psugani

Friday we left for Ntchen, once we got there we had a football game with the villagers and won the game, we then held a rally where many people attended and many received Jesus Christ. I thank god for all the Ministry that was being done here. 

The next day came which was Saturday in this day we had a day filled with chatting with many people by door to door ministry. I would like to share some of the things that happened in the night of Saturday we had to pray for the people with demons and they got set free again at the church living waters we prayed for the people with demons and they got set free as well. I would like to comment on this ministry, because it saves many people at a time. I have to thank Mr. Frey and his fellow staff members to come up with this type of ministry. 

— Once Mwawembe

Friday we went to Amy Well-man rescue unit the ministry that we held was wonderful. When we arrived we had a game of football, after the game we had a pray evening many people they had a mind to receive Jesus Christ. Morning of Saturday we had pray for ourselves. Afternoon we had another game between the village, but before the game we had an open air ministry and many of the people we receiving Jesus Christ. Ministry it was every day, and we saved many people . We played many game with the children. I was very happy to be here in Ntchen and to be able to help the people of this unit. I praise God for letting me come here and spread gods word. 

— Billy Dewe

We had wonderful ministry at Nsipe where multitude of people were coming for questions from the bible, one of the interesting questions was how we can know that we have done sin before holy spirit? We helped them understand and I had a discussion with members of the unit for how his benefit with the unit. We prayed for sick people and also witchcraft magic that they got help, this was a graceful ministry where crowds of people were receiving Christ as a personal savior. On Saturday we went to the church where we found a pastor, he told one of the BMW student to be the first ministe4r preacher, at the end we prayed for the whole congregation, the power of God were upon us, when we reached the day to come back to the base, some they were crying and we left them hungry for the word of God. If this type of ministry proceeding in unit we should have more kids and ministry, can grow fast. 

— Dawson Lawe

It was on friday night when we gathered for prayer many people came there attending the service the preacher shared the message and it was time when he said anybody need and pray for healing. Many people came to have pray for healing and other problems. The next day we went door to door evangelism when we met with a man, this one I helped him in scripture that his mum dead while he was only few months and he had been mistreated by his young mum husband and he reached a point that no more food was being given to him. This boy he said that he had been encouraged so much by the bible verses that was told that night.. This ministry is a good one because it is bringing many people to Christ.

— Luman Kasamra


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