Bobb, Canaan Newsletter (Winter 2017)

The Land of Canaan

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for all your prayers and support. It was nice to see many of you in Ohio over Christmas. I’ve finally gotten settled back in after being overseas for seven months. Things are going well here in Florida. I am still in the Conference Center department. We recently had a large retreat that went well. Right now we are working on the course for the 3rd annual AIDS Orphans and Street Children Mud Run. When we cleared the paths last spring we thought they would stay in decent shape until the next year. Then Hurricane Matthew came through and blew a bunch of trees down so now we will have our work cut out for us clearing paths.

I am currently teaching the Ancient Church History class at the Bible school here in Florida. It has been going well and I really enjoy teaching.

I recently learned that I will be the backup leader on the Malawi Preteen team. The team will be building a playground at the Teen Missions Chipoka Base. The team members will also play games with the local children and do evangelism. They may also plant fruit trees at the base. For sightseeing we will be going on a safari. I am very excited for this because I love preteens and I have never been to sub-Saharan Africa before. The only African country I have been to is Egypt.

I am currently trying to find a way to stay in Russia for longer than three months. Currently we are looking at a student visa. I would take Russian classes at a school in a town nearby the Teen Missions base, but spend most of my time helping out at the base. Our Russia base is currently understaffed and could really use help.

The rest of my family is doing well. Zoe and Madison have started back at Edgewood. Zoe wants to go on a teen team to Ethiopia this summer. It will be her first summer away from Mom and Dad. Madison wants to go to Mongolia. Mom and Dad are currently going to Peru. We stayed with Taylor and her husband, Wes, on our way back to Florida, after visiting Ohio in December. They are doing well and really enjoy living in Lexington.

I thank you for all your prayers and support. I would not be able to do this without all of you.

In Christ,

Canaan Bobb

Prayer Requests

-Please pray for the Christians in Russia as the government continues to put restrictions on them.

-Please pray for Teen Missions in Russia, that God will provide more people to help at the base and that more people will come to the Bible school.

-Please pray for relations between the United States and Russia. Things have gotten tense recently and it makes it more difficult to travel there.

-Please pray for my family as we raise money to go on our trips.

-Please pray for me as I continue to teach at the Bible school here.

-Please pray for our country as we transition to a new president.

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