Myers, Mike & Michelle Newsletter (Winter 2017)


A big “Hello” to our friends, family, church and former teammates!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Michelle’s parents came down from Canada and spent about ten days with us. The day that they arrived, there was a 120 degree temperature change for them. I am so glad we live where we do!!

Isabelle was Aunt Rhodie in her school’s Autumn Lights play.
Kenya was a Toy Soldier in her school’s Winter Solstice.









This month Kenya made the school wide Spelling Bee and she finished in third place. We are very proud of her! Kenya and Isabelle have both earned parts in their school plays this school year and Lily is getting ready to audition next week for hers. All three LOVE performing on stage. They definitely take after their mother in that regard… Gabriel just turned two. He is obsessed with trucks and tractors. For his birthday we took him to Teen Missions and rode the tractors and equipment around. I will never forget the excitement and pure joy on his face and his repeated exclamations of “BIG TRUCKS!” and “RIDE TRACTOR!” It was SUCH a great day.

Sibling Love
Lily got her ears pierced!








This summer we are slated to lead the team to the Navajo Reservation in north east Arizona. It will be the first team we have done in the United States. We are very excited about it. It will be enjoyable to lead a team to Arizona, the state where I grew up and be able to show and share some of the places that I have memories of. Our team’s project will be to complete community development projects like putting roofs on houses, building stairs, and constructing a balcony/deck for a church just to name a few. The reservation is very large and there are many communities without a church. We are excited to see what the Lord will do! The doors that He will open and the lives that will be changed! Our team is a little different as well. We are an “unplugged team”. We don’t allow any technology on any teams but ours is specifically geared towards those teenagers dealing with an addiction to technology and gaming.

Underwater shenanigans!

This is a very busy time of year…when isn’t it a busy time of year?! There is too much going on to talk about in this newsletter, but here are a few things that I am working on in the next few months: removing three mobile homes in need of replacement and installing new ones, setting up the Old Testament Tabernacle in Evansville Indiana, putting a roof on an RV park office and recreational building that is 6,000 square feet and, of course, doing all the maintenance on the vehicles and equipment, and up keeping the 250 acres of land and buildings we have here at the base. Now I do have help in doing all of this but we need so much more. Please pray that the Lord will send laborers to do His work.

December Babies: Belle is 9 and Gabe is 2!

After our last newsletter we had a little house disaster. We had to replace all of the cast iron plumbing in our house! I had to cut up the concrete, and redo all of the plumbing. I also had to completely redo both bathrooms, and all of the flooring in the back half of the house! A few years back, I had already remodeled our master bath, so unfortunately I had to demolish a fairly new bathroom. This was a time of long, hot, sweaty days, and late nights, but the Lord took care of us. It was also fulfilling in a way too. I have always wanted to build my own house and now at least half of this house has been rebuilt. We stayed at a friend’s house until the house was livable again. We are so thankful for good friends that helped A LOT and the gifts that God has given us to be able to do the work.

Michelle and I would like to thank all of our former team members and leaders for the parts that you all have played in our lives. The memories made and the lessons learned! Also for all of our supporters, because without you we would not be able to serve the Lord in this way! Thank you…

Serving Together,

Mike, Michelle, Kenya, Isabelle, Lily, & Gabriel Myers

Please continue to uphold us in prayer:

That God would help us to hold fast to our faith in Him and the calling He has placed on our lives. That we would be obedient and patient, and busy doing the work He has given us. We praise the Lord for the privilege to serve Him in missions full-time!

That God would keep and protect our children, Kenya, Isabelle, Lily, and Gabriel. That they would grow in knowledge and truth and put Him first in all things. We need God’s wisdom as we raise them!

~ For a daily and fulfilling time in Gods word!

We praise the Lord for all of you: friends, family, and former team mates, who faithfully read all of our newsletters, pray for us, and support us in our ministry with Teen Missions. We could not be here without you!


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