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Dear Friends and Family,

I had a newsletter written. I did… and I had every intention of sending it in on time with pictures. I like to at least try to get things in on time. And then something happened. Well, actually two things happened.

Welcome, Phippens
Goodbye, Spindlers








I was going to tell you about last year in detail. Truth be told though, it was average with a few changes that felt large. The Spindlers left in April last year, so we did not go to Florida like we had planned at the beginning of the year. And we had a staff couple arrive—Seth and Emily  Phippen arrived in December with their two children. But other than that, last year was busy because Phillip was less than one-year-old most of the year.

Road to the Camp

Then the rest of the letter talked about how life is good for us right now and the camp is on hold. Things are moving steadily along for our family; and we are grateful for the blessings of family, friends, fun and meaningful work. I also mentioned how the camp is still there; but making headway on the camp has been difficult because the road to the camp has been eroded by water and it is impossible to get a vehicle down the road.  Maybe when the snow melts, with the help of the town and Teen Missions it can be repaired.

That was the extent of the letter. I sent it off to Todd to check it, and I thought I had sent it to Teen Missions, but somewhere in that mix it got lost. That was the first thing that happened: we failed to send the newsletter, but we sent the pictures. Then the second thing happened.

The clan in September

Phillip was 13 months old on January 10th. He was and is a walking curious little guy. So, when a rice cooker was on the table the natural thing for him to do was investigate it. At around 5 p.m. Phillip pulled down a rice cooker full of hot rice and steam onto himself and gave himself 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his back, head and hands. In about 24 hours our world changed drastically.

We went from Mama taking care of three kids at home, to Mama with Phillip in Edmonton taking care of one very hurting boy. Papa, with the help of the community, was now taking care of two active toddlers at home. We went from grateful for the happiness and health that we have, to praying for our boy to heal and thanking God for his provisions despite our circumstances.

Phillip, 2 days after

Phillip and I were in the hospital for about four weeks:  Edmonton for about 3.5 weeks and Saskatoon for the other half week. At his worst, he had both his eyes swollen shut, blisters in his hands and skin peeling on his back and head. Given a few days, the eyes went back to normal. After a little over a week Phillip had a surgery to graft over the deepest burns on his head and back. After three weeks he was running around, smiling and playing with his bandaged head and back.  After four weeks, we arrived home to finish healing.

Phillip, 3.5 weeks after

Burns heal slowly. So, this next year will be a lot about taking care of those burns as they finish the last bit of healing. The majority of the healing is done, but there are still a few areas that need to cover over, and all areas are still at best a raw red color. He has dressing changes every day to aid their healing, but the nurse said it may go to every other day soon!  He has many doctor appointments this next week just to make sure that he is growing and doing well with the setback of the burn. We are in a new normal with a large learning curve.

We are grateful to God and to all those who have been a help to us. We are also grateful for the chance to tell you about it so soon. I guess there was a reason that our newsletter got delayed, just like there is a reason or purpose behind everything that happens.  “And we know that all things work together for the good to those that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28.


Todd & Rosemary MacPherson

+ Shemar, Kara, Phillip

2 Cor. 12:9-10

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