Matron Unit Girls Return to Dorm

Editors Note:   A flash flood tore through the Sonrise Palms Matron Unit trapping 62 girls in their dorm during the middle of the night. All were rescued (See story link here)   We are pleased to share an encouraging update made possible with help from a generous donation.

From our base coordinator:  We got all the new mattresses! The girls are returning to Sonrise tomorrow. The bathroom level has gown down enough. We are still going to have a dump truck come from Salima and completely empty it so it will last longer.


The BMW students have worked hard on getting the place cleaned up and putting things back in order. We still have things to do and the unit still needs to be rebuilt but hopefully, a Chipoka Boot Camp team will do that in July,


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  1. May God bless the BMW students who worked hard to maintain it and may all who donated to help the victims by providing them new matresses and maize be blessed in Jesus’ Name

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