Kathy Vanderpool Newsletter (Spring 2017)

Dear Family and Friends,

Thursday (April 20) we put up Big Top 1. It is Boot Camp time and preparations are definitely in process: the newly-built Jacob’s ladder is back up but in a different location; the luggage is in place; the wilderness trail will soon be cleared; the maze will be put in place; the ropes are on the Slough; the Five D’s await the balloons to be hung; the 10 Commandments pieces will be in the buckets ready to dump out for team members to pick up; the Plagues and Hezekiah’s Tunnel will be cleaned— all in preparation for team members to run the Obstacle Course (OC). Mustard Seeds, Peanuts, layout, Big Top 2 and the Leader’s Tents will all be put up by May 6.







We are hosting the 3rd Mud Run on Saturday, May 6. This is a 5 kilometer mud run through the Obstacle Course, the water OC and lots of other water and muddy areas. All the proceeds go to support the AIDS Orphans and Street Children ministry, specifically for medical and food needs of the orphans. We are thankful for the response to the program and how it has helped so much with malaria meds for the children.

Mustard Seeds will begin on the 14th of June. Our theme this year is Kings and Queens. As soon as the tent is up Dad will set up the castle prop. We have Bible King and Queen stories to tell, wordless books to make, time with Queen Omega where we will learn Bible verses and visits from our very own court jester. This year our little guys will fight a dragon with our swords of the word of God. There will be crafts to make, games to play, songs to sing, the OC to run, the pool to swim in and rallies at night with a special speakers. We will have a special banquet this year and a special knighting ceremony. There are so many ways to share the plan of salvation— through the wordless book colors, missionary speakers and of course, our evening rallies. I am thankful for the opportunity to be with these little Mustard Seeds for a few days. Pray with us that their hearts will be touched by the Word of God.

Mustard Seeds will commission the night the teen team members arrive. Then it will be time for me to finish up the country wires, to make sure all the Overseas Boot Camps inventory requests are packed and ready to go out with the teams and to help in any other areas that may be needed. I will also be getting things together for visiting many of the bases. We have been working on a simplified finance system and I will be sharing this with the different bases that I will visit.

I will fly July4th. The first stop will be Indonesia where I have the privilege to visit six BMW‘s, then on to Cambodia for a week. Next will be visits to Madagascar, South Africa and Zimbabwe to work with them on the new finance records, see how the bases are running and hopefully be an encouragement. There is a possibility that I might get to stop on my way home to visit my sister and brother in law in Israel. I will return back to the States the end of September.

I would appreciate your prayers for travel, wisdom, understanding and words to challenge and encourage those I have the opportunity to meet and serve with.

Thank you for making these opportunities to serve the Lord possible. I appreciate so much your faithful prayers and financially taking care of my needs. I am truly blessed.

Because of Him,



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