Loretta Smith Newsletter (Spring 2017)

Smith’s Stat’s Spring 2017

Greetings from the cold northern country of Mongolia:

Resurrection Sunday snow flurries and roomy Battsetseg

I arrived here at midnight April 5th. There were three who weathered the cold to come and greet me and take me the nine miles to my home apartment. My roomy here, Battsetseg, was in the UK so I got to crash for many hours. The plane trip was a total of 23 hours; I didn’t sleep, so I was exhausted when I got here.

Within two days I was down with a sinus infection that I think started in the States, as many missionaries at our base in Florida were missing work due to this type of infection. I thought I had beat the odds, but I guess I didn’t. After a 30-hour sleep, I decided to do antibiotics for seven days and now I finally feel better than the old me—we won’t go there for now!


FTM Bible Study

I came to Mongolia to start a BMW or BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center. The original vision was to open this school in the countryside. Last year we looked at some properties but nothing seemed right. Then came the idea to start the school in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar where we live. We found an apartment very close to ours; a local church offered a classroom just 250 feet away. Everything seemed right. I needed to leave in November so my staff lady here continued working on getting class notes translated from English to Mongolian, a huge task. Upon my arrival more things started to come together. It seems like when we take three steps forward, the enemy moves us a step backwards…Guess who’s winning… Many things were coming together so we started interviewing potential students. Then things started to not fall in place. We were to open the school April 24. This is the 23rd and we have no students. We have teachers, a place, class notes translated, but no students. I’m sure we’re not in God’s timing or place yet. 

The original vision was to be in the countryside. We started looking at properties last week when it was looking like we would have to wait until September to start the school.

As usual I’m using pictures to share what is happening in Mongolia:

Fresh meat from the countryside
Aggie and Loretta
Ice Rink and my apartment orange hip roof
Possible move to a village two-story building and land
Gobi desert sand storm and air quality

I will start late November, just before I left Mongolia. I ate a lot at Aggie’s while she and I worked on her English. Then you will see the local football stadium turned ice skating rink—notice the orange hip pitched roof apartment house. That’s where I live. We can buy fresh meat right from the countryside out of the back of a truck.

Then I moved back to the States in late November where I visited friends, supporters and family. Here are pictures of grandkids in Morro Bay and Hanford, California, and Florence, Oregon. Supporter Peg is from Coos Bay, Oregon.

Then it was time to return to Mongolia on April 3rd. The day before I left we took a picture of mom and me . She says, “Why doesn’t Jesus just take me home?” She’s ready!

Granddaughter in Florence, Oregon
Grandson in Hanford, California
Granddaughter in Morro Bay, California
Momma on last visit before I left
Supporter from Coo’s Bay, Oregon

In Mongolia we try to stay in touch with Former Team Members or FTMs. The kids came over to our place for a Bible study and a dinner that they fix.


April 16th Resurrection Sunday: to church with friends— the short one is my roomy Battsetseg. Snow flurries and I loved it.

A sand storm off the Gobi desert; note the air quality!

Now for a look into the future: a building for a school in the village of Tvnhel, with 3,000 people, one church and 40 believers. And it looks like the vision we have had from the start!

Now for the work of the supporters…prayer warriors.

1.Where does God want us to open a school?

2.We need teachers, translators and translation people.

3.We need students who are willing to reach their people for Jesus.

4.TMI needs to get their NGO designation to obtain a visa status for foreigners. I am here on registration, which is good for only 180 days a year.

5.Health for myself and the staff here.

6.Momma’s needs to be met. A sister in Christ is visiting her often and praying with her.

I am keeping Matthew 28:19-20 in my heart always. Go Ye!

In His Service,

Love to all,

Loretta Smith

Teen Missions Int’l Mongolia Coordinator

Hebrews 13:8

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