Seth & Emily Phippen Newsletter (Spring 2017)


We pray you all had a wonderful time celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is risen! What a wonderful reminder of the new life we have in Christ. We were able to spend the Easter season with Seth’s family in New York State. It was a great time to see family and celebrate our Lord.


We arrived in Canada on December 1st and loved our time in the cold north! While we were there Seth was responsible for the Teen Missions promotions office. He traveled between British Columbia and Saskatchewan promoting at schools, churches, homeschool conferences and missions events. There are several Canadian youth signed up for this summer and many others who are excited about being involved next year! Seth also spent time working at the camp property that Teen Missions is hoping to use for the training part of the summer in the future. We became actively involved in a local church and became really close to many there. 

We are back in Florida now after our time in Canada and it’s nice to be home. It was a long drive back to Florida but it was uneventful and the kids did great! We got to visit most of our immediate family which was wonderful because we probably will not see them again before we leave for Malawi. We will be doing a lot more traveling in the months to come, please pray for safety in travels and that we would use even that time to minister to those around us. 


Malawi Missions

We are excited as the time for us to go to Malawi gets closer. We are getting ready and packing up the things that we can bring over that we will need. Our flight for Malawi leaves the beginning of July. We will be coordinating the work that Teen Missions has in Malawi. There are a lot of different ministries that are happening there through Teen Missions in Malawi. There are four Bible schools and three bases (we will be at the central base) where we will be doing a lot of work with orphans and other hurting people. We would love to tell you all that we will be doing but it would take too long! We will continue to share the different things we will be doing there in our upcoming newsletter in the fall. Malawi is now the poorest country in the world. Many countries have suspended their financial aid to Malawi, so because of this, going back will be a bit different. Pray for us as we embark on this new journey the Lord has for us, particularly for protection and good health. Pray that our ministry in Malawi will be effective and that many would come to know the Good News of the Gospel. 


We know without a doubt that the Lord has us going to Malawi with our kids. We want share a need we have with you. Right now we are only receiving one-third of the financial support we need for our family to live in Malawi. Our goal is $1200 monthly. We know the Lord is in charge of all things and will provide for us. Please pray about and ask the Lord if He is calling you to partner with us financially or if He is asking you to increase your monthly gift. Thank you to those who have been faithfully supporting us every month through financial gifts and prayer. 

Summer Project

We will be leading a group of around 25 teens to Malawi and will be drilling a water well for those who are in desperate need of clean water. We will be able to use that opportunity in the village to then share the good news of the Gospel and how Christ is our living water! The team will be with us in Malawi for about four weeks then head back to the States with other leaders while we stay in Malawi. 


Both James and Lauren are growing like weeds! Lauren is crawling everywhere and getting into everything. She is getting lots of teeth and learning to eat new foods.  James has been talking more and loves to learn. He knows his colors and is working on his numbers and letters. James loves to sing Jesus loves me and The B-I-B-L-E. He has enjoyed learning about Jesus through The Jesus Storybook Bible. They both love traveling which is great because we travel a lot and will be traveling a long way to Malawi very soon. 

Forward in Christ’s name, 

Seth, Emily, James & Lauren Phippen 

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