Josiah & Bethany Frey Newsletter (Spring 2017)

Dear Partners in Ministry,

Bethany and I in South Africa

Word’s cannot express how thankful Bethany and I are for all of you. The last couple of months have been very hard and emotional. Living a life saying you trust God and then putting it into action can be very difficult. However, we serve the One and Only God whogives HIS perfect and mighty strength as He leads us through the storms of life.

Since January, we have been monitoring my anemia. Every couple of weeks we would drive two hours to get my levels checked at a missionary-run clinic. About mid-February, it appeared that my levels were slowly dropping. Not at a dangerous level but, enough that I needed to see a specialist. We were able to work out with our African Insurance company to get me into see a doctor in South Africa. On March 7th, Bethany and I flew to South Africa. The doctors did a lot of blood tests and everything came back clear. Even my overall blood count was not as low as Malawian labs had thought they were. We stayed in South for two weeks and right before flying back, I had lab work done again. When we got back to Malawi the doctor messaged us saying it appeared that my numbers did drop, and that I needed to keep watching it. I had blood work done on April 19th, and the results were good. My numbers seem to be stable and that is a huge praise!

Flooding in the maize field

Things have also been very busy in Malawi! In February, we had massive flooding that wiped out half our fields. We had a huge flash flood that caused our Matron Unit near Chipoka to flood. The girls had to climb up into the rafters to stay safe. Thankfully, all the girls made it out safe and sound with the help of the villagers. The water went at least fifteen feet high and destroyed a lot of things.  We are grateful that multiple donors in the States have already helped replace everything.  

We also had an adult team come from a church in Miami, Florida. They helped paint the new dorm room and enjoyed doing evangelism at the House of Joel Rescue Unit. The team had a great time in Malawi and it is always a blessing to show people this amazing country.

Bethany and I in the last couple of months have been praying about what the Lord would have us do next. I have been told that due to my history of anemia, staying in a country where malaria is such a high risk is not a good idea, but God has had His hand on us. After having malaria three times, the doctors can’t believe how well my body has handled it. After a lot of prayer, Bethany and I both feel like God has told us our time in Malawi has come to a close. This decision was not an easy one to make. We had planned on staying in Malawi at least for the next couple of years and even raising our children here. However, God has made it clear that for my health, He is leading us to a new place of ministry.

Bethany and I are very sad by the fact we are leaving Malawi. We have made Malawi our home and since we got married, we have lived in Africa. It’s hard to believe but, in September, we will be celebrating our four year anniversary. What a journey the Lord has taken us on already. We called the Teen Missions office and explained our current situation. They understood and also did not think it would be smart for us to stay. Now the question was, “who would come to Malawi?” Well, God provided a young couple who has already been to Malawi to come and take over the work here. We are thankful for the new family coming.

Now comes the very emotional time of packing up our home, and saying goodbye to Malawi. It’s a feeling Bethany and I can’t explain. As we start to sell our things, and pack up our home, memories over the past three and half years flood our minds. We poured our hearts into Malawi and the people we have served alongside with.

What is next for the Frey’s you might ask? Well, for the time being, we are returning to the USA in September, and will be visiting A LOT of YOU and of course seeing our family. Bethany and I are looking forward to adjusting to life back in the USA. In October we will be moving back to Florida to serve at our home office. After almost four years on the field, Bethany and I feel God is going to use us to prepare other missionaries to go out on the field. We are looking forward to serving the Lord in the USA for the time being. We are hoping that in the future, God will allow us to go back overseas but for now, we know that we are called to serve in the USA.

Thank you for being apart of this journey with us! You were with us through all the ups and downs, through the tears, and through the joys. You stood with us when we felt alone and like we could not go on any longer but, we still have an important job to do together! As Bethany and I head back to the USA, we need you through prayer and support standing with us. You are in our move back to the States and we look forward to continuing serving the Lord together as a team! We are excited to see you in the fall and to share with you about what lay ahead for us. 

Blessings from Malawi,

Josiah and Bethany 

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