Robert M Bland Newsletter (Spring 2017)


The ministries of Teen Missions International, AIDS Orphans, Motorcycle Sunday School along with the Bible, Missionary & Work Training Schools continue to grow and produce much fruit.

In sub-Saharan Africa, TMI has eight Matron’s Units which houses girls who travel to a village school that has grades above 5th grade. This is as far as school goes in many villages. If the girls go to another village with no money or place to live, they are often sexually abused and end up pregnant and or HIV positive. There is always an older man, maybe HIV positive, who will trade food and/or housing for sexual favors. TMI was told by one government school superintendent that half of all his boarding students were pregnant, HIV positive or both. His request was for TMI to build a small building to house the girls to keep them safe. Friends of TMI  gave money to build a building which we named Kimi’s Kids, that had five double bunks capable of sleeping 10 girls. Twenty moved in, four to a bunk. Others gave money to build the second so we could move some over, but 20 moved into it. TMI has built several more dorms for the girls. We have one or two BMW graduates that live there and are housemothers for the girls. There are now eight TMI locations in Africa for these girls.

A Unit built in Chipoka, Malawi has 62 girls in it. Just recently they had a flash flood at the Unit. This never happened before. The water came off the mountain so fast the girls couldn’t get out and seven feet of water filled the dorm. It was half a foot above the top of the doorway. The girls climbed up on top of their bunk beds and then onto the roof rafters. Locals later came and got all 62 out safely. This alone is a miracle that we praise Jesus for. They were all saved but belongings—clothes, mattresses, blankets and food supplies (each does their own cooking) were lost. An adult team from a church in Miami just went over to volunteer. They were able to take several bags of clothes for the girls. I had a closet full of Bernie’s clothes, most given to her by the First Presbyterian Church Missionary Barrel in Chattanooga, TN. The manager, Diane Denham, put away things for Bernie; dresses, jackets and sweaters, so she had some very nice clothes. Thanks to Diane and the adult team from Henry Fernandez’ church in Ft. Lauderdale, the Sonrise Palms Unit girls have several bags of clothes from Bernie. Our daughter-in-law, Maxine (Doodah), gave me money to purchase mattresses for the beds which were all destroyed. God provides through His people. The girls are back in their dorms, PTL!


We are building mini chicken farms in Malawi and Zambia for widows and orphans. They are about 16x16x2 foot high and covered with chicken wire to keep chickens in and monkeys out! There is a small 4x4x16 closed-in chicken house with roosts for night and nests to lay eggs in. They can move the unit from place to place in the garden area which fertilizes the ground for a drip-irrigation garden.

The unit holds 15 laying hens which cost about $6 each. They are mostly range fed. The eggs are a God send to unit owners and provides money for needy purchases like flour, salt, rice soup, etc. It costs $500 to purchase the materials to build the unit at the orphans and widows home. TMI built a prototype at the Florida TMI base. We will build several as funds are provided this summer. Each chicken house will also have a bucket-drip irrigation unit to grow vegetables.


Loretta Smith, of our TMI staff, has joined Gantya, a Mongolia national, in Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia. We have one three-story apartment in town and are purchasing a second one. The idea is to use it for TMI dorm and BMW. We are working on Loretta’s visa, so pray for it. Mongolia needs a Boot Camp, BMW and outreaches.

TMI has a film in the national language that we produced many years ago with Christian film director, Ken Anderson, who is now with the Lord. Pray for Loretta and the work in Mongolia.


The Bobbs, Shannon and Vikki, stayed over last fall after a summer team and worked on the new base in southwestern Cambodia. BMW graduates, Thomas and Julie Clyde, moved there, but are now back in the States. A graduate from our Philippines Boot Camp, Nelly, is doing a great job overseeing the work. She is very dedicated and hardworking. We thank the Lord for her. We now have two BMWs in Cambodia. We are hoping to train some nationals from the north, who speak a total different language, and are mostly unreached. Perhaps we can have a BMW there in the future.


Teen Missions has had a base in Canada for many years, including a camp at Outlook in mid-western Canada. However, because of personnel, Canadians come to Florida for Boot Camp There are four problems with that for Canadians: 1. The Canadian dollar is about 75¢ to $1 US, and they have to add that to the US team cost. 2. It is hot in Florida and Canadians are more used to colder weather. 3. They not only pay more, but must get to Florida Boot Camp from Canada. 4.  Canadians do not get out of school til late June and U.S. teens get out much earlier. 

The international board approved, along with the Canada board, to run a Boot Camp in 2018 at the Outlook Camp. It will not start until July 8th, and the US camp will start around June 10. This will help the Canadian teens a lot in time and money. Pray for this new Boot Camp in 2018.

We need your prayers for the worldwide work of TMI

  • 30 Bases in 25 countries
  • 24 Bible, Missionary & Work Training Schools
  • 38 Boot Camps
  • 32 AIDS Orphans Rescue Units
  • 8 Matrons Units
  • 197 Motorcycle Sunday Schools

This is what you are doing around the world. Thank you. Thank you.

In Christ,

Robert M. Bland

Heb. 13:8

TMI Director


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