Claimet & Sipho Sibanda Newsletter (Spring 2017)

Dear Friends and Family Members:

We are so grateful with what the Lord is doing in our lives and in the lives of people, many many people, and that we have seen God transforming them. With this we want to thank those whom God has used to support us in different ways. We always see the hand of God working in our lives as we serve Him.

We do Sunday schools in the community around the base with the students. This is a very powerful program that has caused many parents to accept Christ when they see the change that is taking place in their children. We have seen kids that parents had given up on because of  their bad behaviour, changing.

Delight with awards from athletics and ball games
Hope rejoicing at church
Sipho and Claimet on Easter!

And it is a blessing to the parents of those kids. We know because if we skip a week, they send a message to find out what might be the cause. The BMW (Bible school) students that we teach and work with are again ministering together and they grow spiritually, as well as gain experience. We also help different churches by teaching them biblical lessons, as well as preaching and evangelizing. We have seen God using the students in different ways.

From April 21-29, we were holding a camp with orphans from 3-11 years plus the teenagers we were having 75 kids and it was a great camp. We had pastors to help teach them; I was teaching and my wife was helping in the kitchen and teaching Bible study. It has been a wonderful camp. We were blessed so much we even were privileged to be taught a lesson about a lot of things by the pastors.

Hope and Delight are graduating from one level to another level. Hope is going to be writing exams in October to November and Delight is writing in October. We are asking for 25 people who will donate towards the school fees of our kids by donating $35.

Prayer requests

1. Financial support
2. Good health
3. Spiritual growth to our family
4. God may grant our children success and intelligence
5. Protection in our family

Thank you for supporting our ministry and may the good Lord bless you all.

Yours in Christ,

Claimet, Sipho, Hope and Delight Sibanda

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