Nkosilathi & Takemore Nyoni Newsletter (Spring 2017)

Greetings in Jesus Name,

We are doing well and the Lord is keeping us even though this country is unstable. We are very grateful of your support that has kept us in ministry.

Here is what has transpired to this point. Our ministry is just what the Lord prescribed it to be. Each time we look back through circumstances, we discovered that Romans 8: 28 becomes more relevant each time we continue in life and ministry.  And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.

This past term I was teaching two classes and my wife was teaching two classes as well. I taught Synthesis and have been enjoying this class ever since I took it. The Lord has been showing us many hidden truths from His Word and a lot has changed in my view of who God is. My understanding has been enriched. I remember one day I was  teaching and going through the story of Joseph. As we read through in the perspective of forgiveness, everyone was crying and the atmosphere was so touchy. It was not just a class, but the Lord was dealing with us on several issues that affect our lives. From that day on, a lot changed in the lives of the students. We, too, had to deal with issues that God was pointing out to us. I realized that my classes were not just classes, but God was there. I taught also Bibliology and this was good, too. My wife, Takemore, was also teaching two classes and she, too, had good moments in that the classes were more of “this is what God is doing and what God is saying.” We are very grateful to invest into the lives of our students. I have said that whoever attends our lessons can never remain the same since we are not teaching them so that they develop big heads, but that they are changed. The Word we read and study for us means that we are to be changed first before we pass it on to the students.

MSSM Ministry (Motorcycle Sunday School Mission)

We are still working with them as we monitor the circuit riders. We realized that the enemy had tried all that he could to be of discouragement by using whatever tactic. But we are not ignorant of His devices, so the Lord has been giving us ways of attacking each situation with wisdom. The favor of the Lord keeps us going.

This coming term is going to be filled with fireworks and we are looking forward for the Lord to do us good. The rough side was the time when our own children could not go to school since there is a big river in between us and the school. It kept on flooding and flooding for some days, but no one drowned. We wondered how that would end as around us there were some stories of the homes giving in and falling. This was getting to be scary since the rains kept on pounding. Above all it stopped and it is getting colder—I will not be surprised to see snow, even though we do not know what it is! We had an earthquake that was mild, but shaking everything. We got scared because only my wife Takemore had experienced one before.

Above all we thank God for his faithfulness and for keeping us going on. We have been encouraged to continue on. The ministry is growing and the demand for MSSM grows so that  we cannot even meet everyone who wants to be in a Sunday school. This is great!

Thank you so much for your support. We value and appreciate you so much. This encourages us to be the best we can and we have learnt that there is nothing fulfilling apart from serving God. This is the best thing that we have done in our lives. Our sons love the Lord so much. The first one, Joel, is doing Form 2 and Joshua is in Grade 5 and David J is in Grade 0 ECDA. Joel is taller than me now!

Yours in His Service

Nkosilathi, Takemore, Joel, Joshua and David J

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