Emery & Linda Aronson Newsletter (Spring 2017)


What a joyous time it was to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday morning! Remembering this has brought so much joy to me, especially since my mother went home to meet Jesus on April 27. I have no doubt that I will see her again and despite the grief, I KNOW I will see her again.

Mom had been going downhill physically and mentally the past few months. We had her in an assisted living facility, just down the street from Teen Missions, for a few years. However, due to her confusion, she had fallen several times. This resulted in several trips to the Emergency Room and the sad realization that she needed more one-on-one care than this facility could provide. Recently she was moved to a “memory care” facility that was able to provide more supervision and she was around more people which we felt she needed. However, her health declined rapidly. When we visited, she no longer recognized us, but was always looking for daddy. The last few days, she was rarely conscious and she passed peacefully at 2:44 PM with her children at her side. We had a wonderful Memorial Service on May 7. All of us sisters and our spouses, along with some of the grandchildren and great-grandchilderen were able to be there. My brother in law, Terry Dorey, gave a wonderful message. We sang her favorite hymns and songs, including some from the Bill Gaither Trio (which she loved). Despite the grief, it was so good to get together as a family and share our 

memories of mom with one another.We continue to be busy at Teen Missions. Last Saturday was our annual Mud Run which supports our Aids Orphans Rescue Units Ministry. It was a beautiful and cool day and everyone had a great time. We have over 540 registered team members and leaders for teams this coming summer. Needless to say, I am kept busy with all the donations coming in. I will be helping lead the Mustard Seeds again this year and am really looking forward to it!Ava is registered for the Peanut Cookie Command team. This is a 10-day program. Her team will be making cookies and then giving them to the local fire fighters and police. Her team will run the Obstacle Course every day along with having classes in puppets and music. They will be learning from other missionaries about the great need for the Gospel throughout the world. She will have to raise $299 and get 16 prayer partners. If you would like to contribute or pray, please fill out the coupon below.

Aiden with be with me again this year as a Mustard Seed. The theme this year is “kings and queens”. There will be a dragon for the kings to slay. I know Aiden will enjoy slaying that dragon!

Emery has been playing the role of “gofer” these last few months. He stays busy going into town to get supplies along with some outside work and a few jobs in the Print Shop such as cutting and folding. He has been working on the construction of Jacob’s Ladder that fell a couple of years ago. It is being re-constructed from the ground up. It will be good to have it back in the Obstacle Course again this year.

Matthew just broke his leg while acting like a kid at the Trampoline Park with his cousin, Steven. He is still working, but not able to be on his feet as much.

Joseph is in Iowa again this summer working at the same camp. He is staying in a cabin that is closer to to everything which he likes. He is busy doing outside maintenance such as mowing, weeding and trimming. He is also able to help in the kitchen when there are campers there.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. We appreciate your ministry to us so that we can minister to others.

The Aronsons

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