Timothy & Christi Chaffee Newsletter (Spring 2017)

We hope you have had a blessed Easter season reflecting on Jesus’ death and resurrection. An abundance has happened since our last newsletter that we are bursting to share with you. Rebekah is often eager to offer the prayer before meal times and family Bible reading. She is also intent on digging deeper in discovering the answers to a plethora of questions, as well as playing hide & seek with the neighborhood children, her new friends. David is thrilled at the opportunity to go outside, especially to the park – one of which has water fountains that he can run through. On February 19, we welcomed Brielle Hope to our family. She is very alert, loves being held, and enjoys sharing her dimpled smile. Christi has been exceedingly busy caring for our three children, yet  makes an effort to enjoy time once a week with another young Teen Missions staff family. In addition to assisting Christi around the house, I have been maintaining our yard work, blacksmithing and fencing (sword-play), which is a social outlet for me.

Personal Involvement

Since our last newsletter, my responsibilities in the video department have grown to include serving with the camera filming crew. I have also served in the outdoor department assisting in ground maintenance in preparation of the upcoming AIDS Orphans Mud Run and the Lord’s Boot Camp. All proceeds of the AIDS Orphans Mud Run directly benefit Teen Missions partner ministry, AIDS Orphans & Street Children. To learn more, please check out mudrun.teenmissions.org.

Tabernacle Journey

On March 31, I joined a team made up of eight others to travel to TTT Christian Youth Ministries in Evansville, Indiana to help build one of three life-size replicas of the Old Testament tabernacle. Tours of the tabernacle demonstrate how Christ is pictured throughout the tabernacle. It was a great trip filled with awesome fellowship, coupled with laborious teamwork.


•David has continued advancing in his speaking. He is using two word phrases more frequently and repeats a lot of what he hears (ABC’s, 123’s).

•Brielle was born healthy!

•Teen Missions’ director, Bob Bland, no longer needs to wear a boot for his ankle.

•I injured my left hand recently; however, it has nearly completely mended.

Prayer Requests

•Pray for David as he will likely be evaluated for autism later this year – due to displaying the core autism symptoms.

•Pray for the youth that God will be impacting through Teen Missions this summer.

•Pray for the unique challenges our overseas bases face as they expand.

•Pray for many people to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus through the outreach that will be taking place throughout the several teams of youth that will be serving on mission’s trips throughout the summer.

•Pray for the AIDS Orphans Mud Run which will occur on May 6 to be exceptionally successful.

•Pray for continued support of Teen Missions and our family.

Overseas Testimonial

As I thought on this following testimonial from Zambia, I was reminded of the Bible story of the paralytic man healed found in Mark 2:1-12. To this day, Jesus still heals people both spiritually and physically and this testimonial is a wonderful example of that.

On the 19th of March, one staff and eight Bible, Missionary & Work students took part in hospital ministry at the Ndola Central Hospital. They were joined by local churches here in Ndola that sends some church members to the hospital chapel to help pray for and encourage the sick. We were 30 persons ministering in all. We visited 8 different wings of the hospital. Teen Missions Zambia has been a part of hospital ministry here in Ndola for the past one and a half years. On the 19th, we visited 271 patients. There are still some areas that we have not been able to go to because we are in need of more workers in the vineyard. There were 34 people that accepted Jesus into their lives for the first time. There was 1 that recommitted their life back to Jesus. Two patients were healed instantly.

It has been documented that in the year and a half that the hospital ministry has been in operation the death rate has gone down and the patient stays have been shorter. We give God the thanks for allowing us to be a part of this ripe harvest.

Just as Teen Missions Zambia is thankful to God for allowing them to be a part of this ripe harvest, we are thankful to God for allowing you to be a part of the harvest of Teen Missions through supporting us as we serve through this ministry!

In Christ,

The Chaffee’s


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