Hello From The Honduras Preteen Team

This is Miss Kim, the head lady leader of the team, reporting from the Lord’s Boot Camp. The Honduras Preteen team has had a very busy week.  Our classes this week were drama, block-laying, digging & music. The team is working well together & team unity is strong.  

The kids are doing well on the Obstacle Course.  We have managed to get nine members over the Wall. We have won the Clean Award twice, which meant two different times in the pool during the pool.  We received our first Piggy Award last night.  We have won Brainstorming once.

The kids are getting very excited about leaving in a couple of days and heading to Honduras. I asked the other half of the team their feelings about Boot Camp, now that it is almost over, here are their replies:

Isaiah – Boot camp is fun but hard.  I miss my parents

Jacob – I like it!  Lunch was great today!!

Charlie – The first five days were really hard, but then I got use to Boot Camp and now it is easy.  I’m making a lot of friends on my team and on other teams

Dalton – It is hot and kind of hard.  The classes are informational.

Nathan – I’m having fun.  The mosquitos are bad and I miss my parents


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