The Ecuador Team Is Working Hard!

We had a great time at the Equator in the morning and in the afternoon we jumpedono our bus to head for Playas. We arrived around 1 am and were so happy to have our tents up and waiting for us. We have settled in and becoming a large family.

The team has been working on an Obstacle Course for the Ecuador Boot Camp, digging a new hole for an outhouse, and put up a clothesline today. They are now in their free time playing a little soccer. I’m not sure where they get all of their energy. 

Tonight we made empanadas for dinner. I think they were a hit…most of he kids ate four of them. 

We are enjoying overcast days, which helps with the heat. This year was one of the wettest rain seasons the have had in years but things have dried up and we are now into dry season.

This weekend we hope to go to the beach on Saturday and to a Baptist church on Sunday evening. Everyone is looking forward to seeing the surrounding area. The base is a bit remote so we only see the brush in the fields around us. Sunrises are quite beautiful here though and the night skies are brilliant with stars. God’s handiwork is awesome!


In Ecuador we have been serving and working. The work has been hard but I am glad to serve. -C J

Here in Ecuador it is  as warm as Florida . The work hasn’t been too bad yet. We are helping make the Boot Camp, like making the OC ( Obstacle Course ) and showers. I’ve enjoyed the trip so far. -James

Now that our team arrived in Ecuador, I know that what I’m doing has a purpose. Whether it be digging a hole for more bathrooms, painting books of the Bble – God weaves it together for good.  -Caroline

Starting this adventure, I wasn’t very optimistic. However, I’ve recently accepted Christ as my Saviour. I felt close to Christ in Florida but here in Ecuador I  feel even closer. The few I’ve met may not have much but to them they have everything and that’s truly amazing to me. I’m very excited to grow in Christ and share the Gospel. 



  1. So proud of youll praying for victory in every circumstance

  2. Praying for you all. May the Lord encourage & bless you, as you encourage and bless others. May God, by His great love, grace, and mercy, strengthen you physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

  3. Have you all in my prayers have a wonderful and blessed time

  4. Hooray! We are praying and excited for your team family! Love, Heather

  5. Thank you for the update! So exciting that they will be serving the teens in Ecuador with the OC!

  6. Thank you for the update! So excited to see how the Lors uses this team!!! Praying!!!

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