The Peru Team Is Working Hard!

Hola from Peru! We have been very busy the past few days. Our materials came in on Tuesday evening so the remainder of Tuesday and the beginning of Wednesday was spent unloading and moving the sand, gravel, rebar, bricks, and mortar. The rest of the day Wednesday and all day today was spent digging the footers. The kids are working hard breaking through the concrete and digging up clay. They have a good work ethic and are doing it with mostly joyful hearts! They are doing a good job encouraging each other, also. 

KP has been amazing so far! On Tuesday Kalina and Andrew made Peach Crisp for dinner dessert and on Wednesday, Anna and Owen made No Bakes. Today, Gabe and Cassidy worked hard organizing and cleaning the kitchen and also were a big help while preparing lunch. Tuesday evening, Elli got to accompany a leader and our missionary to the outside market and street vendors to buy eggs, flour, and cheese. Wednesday, Anna went with us to get supplies from the grocery store and Thursday Cassidy was able to go to the store as well as the river and the bakery. Each time we have gone out, the kids have gotten to try a traditional Peruvian bread or dessert. 

Everyone is mostly adjusted to the culture and are really soaking in the beauty of this place. Their favorite part of the day is when they get to spend their free time playing with the local children. The little kids love to learn English words and play soccer. The weather here has been hot and humid. Thankfully, we haven’t had very much trouble with mosquitos or bugs in general, just little ants that are everywhere!

Our plans for the next week consists of finishing the footers and pouring/making concrete and hopefully starting to lay bricks. On Saturday we are going to get the opportunity of visiting the orphanage. The kids are very excited to do our presentation and a puppet show for the children. Please continue to lift us up in prayer. 

P.S. Emily will be sending pictures soon!


Emily Fleming: Peru is very beautiful, the weather is very nice. We’ve been digging the footers for the new building. My favorite thing so far has been playing with the kids in the street during free time. I have also enjoyed getting to know my team better. 

Davis Shipman: I’ve enjoyed my trip thus far. I enjoy spending my time with the kids. I miss my friends and family a lot. 


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