The Indiana Team Has Been Busy!

Our team stopped at a grocery store in Indiana to buy some snacks. As I was looking at the candy, I heard the guy in front of me talking to me. I looked up and he asked what my TMI shirt meant. I explained to him how we were on a mission trip through TMI and explained how we had just finished training and that we were one of many teams on a mission through TMI. The man asked me if I really enjoyed sharing the Gospel and I said “yes”. He said that he loves it when teenagers serve God and share the Gospel and encouraged me and the team to trust the Lord, be open and useful to God to no fear, and give it the best we got on the field for the Lord.    – Eli 

The past couple of days has been fun and eventful. We spent one day at the Creation Museum, learning about the beginning! It was really neat to learn about the dinosaurs, Adam and Eve and about the flood a little. That night we stayed at a church and it was such a blessing to be able to sleep and eat there. The next morning we headed off to The Ark Encounter. That was really awesome and it was so cool to see the different kinds of animals during that time era and how they have changed. It was awesome to learn about the flood around the world and what really happened with fossils and the tower of Babel and such. There are about 200 legends worldwide about the flood. They also had a lot of things about Jesus and God throughout both of these places and it was so cool to see Scripture everywhere and see how the Bible reveals the truth, we just have to look a little. We also got to hear a talk on different races and how that happened and also about how racism should not even be a real thing because we are all one race, the human race! A group of sisters was playing there also and we got to hear them sing and play some hymns. We also had a nice time of fellowship going out to Steak and Shake. Today was a good day of classes and bonding and the Lord is preparing us for the work He has ahead of us.

Please continue to pray for us as we prepare to start our evangelism. Please pray for continued change in our hearts and attitudes towards what God wants for us. Please also pray for health and strength. Thank God for what He is doing and how He is working! He is so awesome and we hope to continue to see His power and glory throughout the summer! Glory to Him alone.


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