Hello From The Forest Angels Team!

Life here continues to fly by as we have new opportunities each day. The weather continues to hold and still, no rain has come. It has begun to cool down more in the evenings which we are very thankful for. 

We have all had an exciting weekend here in Florida. We had the chance to head over to Cocoa Village on Saturday to do a presentation. We had time so we performed twice, once at a square center and the other in a park. At the square, we had a few mishaps but despite them, we continued our evangelism. Halfway through our first presentation, our music for our puppet songs and drama’s stopped working. This didn’t stop the team though. Despite this setback, they kept right on singing and even picked out new songs and things to do on the spot to take the place of the missing music. They worked through it so well and I am proud of them for keeping on despite the confusion. 

The second presentation went better and there were more people who came and listened to it. Afterwards, the kids pulled out balloons and started making balloon animals and swords to give out to the kids in the park. They were having so much fun making balloons for everyone that they didn’t want to leave when it was time to go. Sunday we went to a local church on Merritt Island and were able to do a presentation there as well. 

Each day someone new on the team has a chance to help out in the kitchen. Today this turned out to be Aydin and Andrew. Both are eager helpers and are fast to help with all the jobs. They also enjoy making the food and tasting. 

Practice on the mini bikes continues as the time for us to leave to go to Ocala comes closer. Each day we see the kids improving their confidence and skills on the bikes. There are some who are still a little wobbly but are learning to control the bikes better. Trevor has been a big help in fixing the small problems with the bikes on the trail because he understands the way they work. 

Each day I am amazed by how much the kids are growing spiritually. It has only been a few weeks but I can already see them understanding more of the Bible. Even their actions are beginning to change and it is exciting for me to see God working in their lives. 

Bobby L. – Project time is fun the food is good and the leaders are the best. We had a few mishaps but as a team, we have overcome them. In all, I give it five stars and a recommendation to others.

Mason L. – What I have been doing over at Teen Missions is so much fun! What we did was ride mini bikes a lot, we swam in the lake and pool a lot, and we got to share the Gospel! It has been so much fun on this trip. 

Johnathan C. – My favorite thing to do at T.M.I. (Teen Missions) is devotion time. It helps me get to know God better and know what He wants me to do. Throughout this trip, God has taught me many things, but the big thing He taught me is how to get along with people you don’t get along with. 


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  1. WoW that is so exciting! We could see the change in you while watching the two weeks of boot camp services. As the newness and the cameras wore off your worship and attentiveness to Him could be seen. Even in camp where you were beginning to see what He had planned for you.
    That means if it shows to us how much more will your impact show to those not knowing Christ. 2 Corinthians 2:14,15

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