Hi From The Honduras Preteen Team!

It is hard to believe our first week is over.  The road is coming along nicely.  The team has completed about 30 feet of the concrete road and has another 10 feet dug out.  The digging out is hard as we are digging through dirt, mud and rock.

Saturday was our first day off from work.  After breakfast and morning devotions, we loaded up the truck and headed to the town of Santa Cruz about 30 minutes away.  There was a small plaza/park in the middle of the town.  The team sang the song “I’ve Got the Joy, Joy, Joy” in Spanish to get the people’s attention and then after singing, passed out Gospel tracts and made animal balloons for the children.  We passed out all the tracts we had and still had people asking for more which made the team a little sad that we had run out.

We broke up into our traveling groups and headed out to explore Santa Cruz and maybe do a little shopping.  Two of the traveling groups ate in a Honduran restaurant, while the other two ate in a Chinese restaurant recommended by our missionary, Ramero.  Then all four travel groups eventually found their way to an ice cream shop.  What a treat for the team!

Sunday we went to a church in San Isidro.  The kids gave their presentation and did very well for the first time.  After church, we went back to the base, had lunch and then the kids road bikes around the base.  We also had our first Bible memory quiz off.  This was new to most of the team, but they seemed to enjoy it.  They are a little weak in their Bible memory, but after the quiz, they were eager to have Bible memory time to practice their verse and grow stronger in them.  We ended the evening with a fun game of soccer among the team.

I asked five members of the team the following question: What has God shown or taught you this week? Here are their answers:

Anduin – I need to be thankful for what I have.  Jesus is always with me.

Anna – God is with me even when I’m sad.  God has a special plan for me and He is in my heart.

Nick – When we have some minor problems or make bad decisions, it will lead to consequences that we may not like.  Hard work pays off in the end.

Isaiah – It doesn’t matter what people say about me, God made me special, He knows who He wants me to be, I just have to trust in Him.

Brady – This place (Honduras) needs help.  They need better roads and the Word of Jesus. So, I’m going to do my best when working on the road.

It is great to see the kids work hard & grow in their walk with the Lord.  They are learning life lessons every day with God guiding them.  Our goal for the upcoming week is to get another 30 feet completed on the road.

.  By 0800 Friday morning her temp was back to 98.0.  She is doing fine now.

Allyson had an ingrown toenail the last day of boot camp.  It was healing nicely but then she started picking at it.  Saturday evening she was jumping around in the dorm & hit her bad toe on the bed, breaking open the old wound.  So we cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide, but antibiotic ointment on it & band aid.  We did this procedure again Sunday morning & plan to continue this every morning & evening for the next couple of days.

Nathan Edwards was riding a bike & didn’t realize the breaks were bad.  He had to jump off the bike to keep from crashing into a fence.  When he landed he hit his left knee hard on the ground.  Felicia looked at his knee it was red & very sore but not swollen.  She put an ice pack on his knee & had him elevate it.  In about 45 minutes later, Nathen was up & doing fine.  He knee didn’t bother him at all during quiz off.



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