The Navajo Community Development Team Is Making A Difference!

Ahh…at last, Sunday…a day of rest.  Cheers of delight welcomed the news that we would be sleeping in today until 7 am.  Can you believe that your children consider getting up at 7 am “sleeping in”?!  (At Boot Camp, we woke up at 5:30 and here we wake up at 5:00 in order to work more during cooler times of the day.)

After breakfast, we had our personal quiet times with the Lord before quizzing, a true test of how well we have learned our memory verses. Church was at 10 AM. What a wonderful cultural experience! The congregation and speaker were very gracious to make it a bilingual service: English and Navajo.  Normally, the service is held only in Navajo. We were asked to introduce ourselves and sing a song. Singing is not a team strength of ours I would say, but I was so impressed as they sang “Jesus Loves Me”, half in Navajo and half in English.  (Thank you, Jeremiah, for teaching us!). The speaker spoke on Luke 9:37-42.  We learned that our battles with Satan are difficult, ongoing struggles. Victory comes through faith in Jesus Christ, not through our own efforts. Prayer is the key that unlocks faith in our lives! There is no substitute for prayer. Please pray for Pastor LeRoy, our host and pastor here. They announced today that he has just newly been diagnosed with prostate cancer.  His family is scared and he is hurting. They covet our prayers.

Life in our new home is wonderful. Nothing beats an Arizona sunrise and sunset. The weather is hot and dry, but the mornings and evenings are cool. Our hand-washed laundry dries faster under the hot sun than a dryer, even if it is hung up dripping wet.  It is very dusty though. Almost daily, we endure a dirt storm, as the wind picks up and sends the dry ground flying. Although we are in the monsoon season, we have yet to see much rain, other than a light sprinkle.  My positive spin on the dirt storms: all natural skin exfoliation!

We have completed two days of work on our project. The old church building has been scraped and is now ready for a new coat of paint. Forms for the concrete sidewalks at the new church building are going up at a slow but steady pace. It is a tedious task to build forms properly. Accuracy is very important! The team has also completed some needed bathroom repairs.  All the toilets need to be grouted firmly into place.  Any damage caused by the wiggly nature of the toilets needs to also be repaired, before the grout of course!

My father-in-law, Dennis, and Christie’s husband, Mike, have both come to visit us.  They were very welcome guests and a joy to have around.

I hope that our excitement and being here comes through to you in this update and every update we send. We are having such a good time serving the Navajo people and each other. Friendships have been made that will last a lifetime! Daily we draw closer to God as we seek Him in our classes, group devotions and personal devotions, and team prayer time.




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  1. Awesome report!
    We are praying for the whole team every day and know that the Lord is using you all in a mighty way.

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