The New Zealand Team Is Experiencing Cold Weather!

This last week and moving into the next three weeks we are doing our best to be flexible and to adapt to lots of changes in our work, ministry, and accommodations. We started work at MiCamp last week and have been helping do various jobs around the camp in preparation for their Winter Camp which started today. The team has been asked to split into two—one group helping run the camp and do a presentation each afternoon and one group to carry on doing work projects both here and at the other property (Whakamura) which will host a kids camp next week. Lots of our meals have been catered for us since arriving which has been a huge blessing. The remainder we have made and by tomorrow everyone on the team will have spent at least one day serving on kitchen patrol (KP) since arriving.  

We were able to go on a sightseeing trip to a beautiful waterfall and whitewater river as well as do some shopping and have fish and chips along Lake Taupo.  The weather is anticipated to get much colder with snow in the forecast several days this week.  The team will shift to do more inside renovation work on these days.  

The weather is anticipated to get much colder with snow in the forecast several days this week.  The team will shift to do more inside renovation work on these days.  

We were informed this morning that we will need to move to the second camp at Whakamura on Friday and we will cook our own meals until the campers start arriving there on Monday afternoon.  We will have the option of staying at that camp for the remainder of our time in New Zealand or returning to this camp after one weeks time. We’ll make that decision once we see how much work there is to be done and what is the most efficient use of our time.  On Saturday the team will have an opportunity to do rock climbing, kayaking and other outdoor adventures with our missionary David who is a certified instructor in outdoor activities.  This is in preparation for the kids camp running next week as well.  

Here are a few testimonials from the team about how they are doing:

“I miss home, but camp is about to start so I am excited.  I love the view every morning!” – Melody

“Last night we pulled the two beds together and all the girls had a slumber party!  So much fun.  Pillows and blankets everywhere.  We are getting ready to do our first presentation.” – Abi S

“This place is pretty cool.  Everything is backward though.  I love the Kiwi accent and the view we have at camp.” – Caleb J

“We entered the pitch black room and suddenly there was a crash.  My two companions behind me jumped at the sound.  I was clad in my winter gear armed with a broomstick.  We charged giving our war cries and cleared the rooms one by one.  At last we came face to face with the unknown enemy but luckily the battle took an unlikely turn as the Axe body spray can had already fallen from its shelf and made contact with the ground so it was easily defeated.  Victoriously we gathered our treasure (our library books), and set off to the royal palace – Elias Timmons (future Marine and storyteller)

“We went to see Huka Falls and it was amazing.  It showed us God’s beauty.” – Josiah W.

“Today is our 7th day here.  I have walked down to the lake three or four times and have gotten some pretty cool pictures of the water.  Right now I’m getting used to the weather and it’s going to snow sometime this week.  So far New Zealand is awesome.” – Caleb S.

“Well, our first day was very interesting.  I will never try a foreign energy drink again.  That drink had way too much sugar and caffeine in it so I was wired within 10 minutes, then I crashed and slept on my teammate’s shoulder for three hours in the van.  Other than that incident, everything has been totally amazing!” – Emily

“The past few days have been amazing!  We did a little sightseeing this weekend which was great.  The view from this place is so amazing.  Our pictures won’t even compare to the beauty.” – Corbin

“New Zealand is such a beautiful country!  Our view from this camp is quite breathtaking.  There is a giant lake which we can watch the sun set over.  I honestly never want to leave this amazing place.” – Josh

“New Zealand is awesome. I feel like I transferred to middle earth. It’s freezing but I like it. I still miss my parents.” – Timo

“Love does not envy. Love is kind. In the craziness sometimes we forget this.  I love this group and believe highly in them. Things have been a bit hectic with the camp we are helping run along with the various work projects at the same time but we are managing. Cannot wait for the next coming weeks.” – Evan 

“New Zealand isn’t that bad other than the fact that I was in the sick tent for two days with a cold.” – Brian W.

“Life is a little tough but super fun.” – Garrett

“Chloe is just about to lose her first tooth and is soooo excited. She desperately misses her cousins, nana’s and grandad’s and aunties but on the whole she’s been tremendous. Alan is adjusting to managing the work project as well as the team.  God is on the throne and we are trusting Him to see us through each day.” – Mary, Alan and Chloe


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