The Panama Team Has Been Busy!

Hello from the Panama team!

First, I am very sorry that you haven´t gotten a report. The island we were on had terrible reception and there was no way to get a report out.

Where to start? This first week in the country has felt like a month! The Panama team made it to safely to Panama City on Sunday the 2nd.

We stayed the night there and headed out early the next morning to drive across Panama to the Atlantic side. The car drive was beautiful, small winding roads through jungle terrain and mountains.

I enjoyed the drive very much. However, for some of the team, it was a struggle for their stomachs.

After the drive, the team was brought together for a quick church service and then headed out on the boats. It was about an hour boat ride to Rio Sidra.

When we got to Rio Sidra, we found out the project was quite a bit smaller than we´d expected, so we rotated with some of the team doing the work project and others doing children’s ministry.

We were also dealing with a limited water supply. However God provided for us, stretched the wáter, and amazingly, with conservation, had enough wáter.

Once the project was completed, we moved the team to our missionary’s island, Yandub Island. Yandub Island is much bigger, and less remote than Rio Sidra. We have plenty of wáter and an awesome ministry here.

Again, it is a small project, so our team will also be focusing on evangelism. I think the change of focus is going to challenge the team members, and I am so excited for them to get out of their comfort zones and experience God work through them. We are thankful that we not only received work training during Boot Camp but also evangelism training.

We as a team have already experienced over ten decisions for Christ. Wow! I got the chance to witness to two people at the airport, who both accepted God´s gift of Truth. It was a very exciting way to start the summer!

Right now the team is busy unpacking and settling into our new project site. We are all excited and feel that Yandub is going to be a huge blessing.

So far the weather in Panama has been warm and humid, a lot like Boot Camp. However, it feels cooler because of the ocean breeze. All around us are small village islands, full of tiny huts, cement buildings, and palm trees. The team got the chance to boat over to a different island and go swimming; that was a fun and beautiful afternoon.

As of right now, the plans for the week are to install windows in the church, teach English and Bible studies to the local church, and start ministering in the secondary school and high school.

I am very excited for the project change, and becoming more of an evangelism team!

Sorry, there are no team member testimonies this report, the kids are busy getting settled, taking showers, and getting unpacked. Just Getting a report out seemed more important since we haven´t been able to get one out.

Lot´s of love from the Panama team




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  1. So happy for this chance to serve our Lord.

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