A Report From The Zimbabwe Team!

The past few days have been low key for the Zimbabwe team. We do not go out and hold eyeglass clinics this weekend, so that gave us ample time to get caught up on some classes, Bible verses, laundry, and paperwork that seemed to have piled up from all our travel time we had.

Goce (one of the missionaries here in Zimbabwe) took us around the base on Saturday and showed us their OC. It is so beautiful here. We went on top of this mountain that is part of their OC and the view was something else. Everyone was taking pictures but the pictures don’t do it justice.

The 9th of July was our first Sunday here in Zimbabwe, and we started the day out with the special drink of hot chocolate courtesy of Jacob and Logan’s early morning efforts. Yum yum! We cleaned up for church and spent some time in fellowship with the BMW students here singing songs and listening to a message from Goce. We then walked to church, which was located at a boarding school not far from the TMI base. A few of us went into each classroom of all different ages and had the chance to participate in Sunday school with the students there. From the smiles and stories, it seemed the team all enjoyed immersing themselves in a class for an hour. Once Sunday school was finished, we attended church service and were able to share a song with almost thousand people there. Talk about making a joyful noise unto the Lord! It seemed as though with every verse, we increased our volume more and more to fill the space with sound. 

Sunday night we returned to the top of the rocks that are a part of the OC for a night devotional time. We lay there in silence and took in all that the earth was holding us on top of, and all that God surrounded us with.  Being in quiet created a space for God to be both seen and heard. We sang, spoke, cried, and all felt more than refreshed before it was time to tuck into our sleeping bags for the night. We have a busy week ahead of us that is to be filled with ministry, but we are growing and asking God for His voice in exactly who He wants us to be. 

Hello from Zimbabwe! After Boot Camp and a couple of crazy travel days, we made it! We’ve settled into the Zimbabwe base, and are getting used to life as a missionary. I think we’ve all very grateful for dorms ( not tents!), and some extra time this weekend for writing, journaling, and for those who care, laundry and bathing (sorry mom). Friday was our first day out on the field, and it was amazing to finally do what we came to do! We ministered to around 300 people (200 of those kids) through songs, a drama, a lesson, games, and handing out glasses! Many people came to Christ, and it was such a powerful reminder of why we’re here!  God has been doing powerful things through our team, and it has been a blessing to watch us grow together. We are here for one reason, with one purpose, and for one love, and we’re excited to share Jesus with everyone we meet! I know that for me, God has pressed upon my heart the sense of urgency that we should have for the people around us. We can’t take for granted the days we are given, and it is my prayer that the fire in my heart would never burn out and that it would be the catalyst of a never-ending movement for Jesus. I’m excited to see the work of God through us for the Zimbabwe people and the people we minister to at home! -Terra 



  1. Rebecca Materne

    So excited for the team and this amazing experience!!

  2. Touched by your report!!! Such good news with so many excepting Christ and the effort you all put forth! Thank you for the report!!! Will continue to pray for you all. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Acknowledge Him in all your ways and He will direct your paths. God bless and keep you all in His care!

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