Greetings From Evansville, IN!

Time flies so fast! It’s hard to believe that we have been in Indiana for a week! Things are going great with the team and last Friday we started our classes: Bible Marking, God’s Gentleman and Grubby to Grace, digital media, and library reading (missionary biographies).

Saturday night was really fun.  We did our team presentation at TTT’s rally. We sang two songs and we did our drama presentation. There were teenagers as well as a few adults that came.  

Sunday morning we did our presentation at a Baptist church out in the rural country. We did drama, puppets, and sang a few songs. Kate D. and Joshua R. shared their testimonies to the congregation.  They did a great job and the kids and adults enjoyed it very much.

We are so thankful that God is using this team to show His love to other people. We are becoming more and more excited as we see God using us more and more to glorify Him each day.

Yesterday was our first day evangelizing at the county fairs. Some people from TTT are joining us at the fairs and this week we are dividing into four groups and going to four different fairs each day this week.  Then we’ll have the TTT Saturday youth outreach rally with games and a time of teaching in the Bible and the team will share more songs and a new drama, and possibly do puppets as well.  We talked to about two hundred people and did one hundred and twenty teenage/spiritual surveys and we rejoice that 10 people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior! The team did an excellent job at sharing the Gospel and had good evangelism training at Boot Camp and some here that have well prepared them and equipped them to effectively and boldly share the love of Jesus with all whom the Lord brings.  


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