Greetings From Kampong Chhnang!

Greetings from Kampong Chhnang.  We arrived on Friday and have been very busy ever since.   We spent Saturday getting the bikes ready and doing laundry.  On Sunday we attended a church close by and then in the afternoon we went to a village and did ministry.  The team did very well on their first day riding bikes.  They were able to go into the market after church for snacks and Fanta.

On Monday, the team was out all day doing presentations in three villages.  They have a lot of fun telling the Bible story, doing puppets and playing with the children.  At the first village, they had over 80 people attend including the village chief who is not a Christian, He was very pleased with the team and greeted our leader, Shannon.

Everyone is amazed at how beautiful and green it is here.  We are having fun getting to know the students here and had a fun night with them on Saturday night.  We sang songs, played games and had a delicious banana dessert together

Devos were led by BJ on Sunday night and Judah last night. They both shared their testimony with the team.

On Thursday, we hope to visit a nearby waterfall for a refreshing swim.  Tuesday and Wednesday will he spent visiting villages and doing ministry.

From Judah: so far Cambodia has been pretty great.  The people are kind and the countryside is beautiful because of the green hills in the background.  It rains basically every day, but it weather still stays pretty hot in the 90s.

From Katie: Cambodia has been amazing do far.  It has been incredible to watch the Lord help overcome every obstacle we face.



  1. Hi thank you for sharing the Good News with us. We are blessed at your progress and the availability you have made yourselves to the Holy Spirit. He can take your ministry and anoint it for the ears of those “seeing ” and “hearing” for the first time and hearts will be open that were closed.

    Thank you

  2. Thank you for such informational posts and great pictures. May God continue to bless and protect each one of you and your mission. John Michael’s Grandma – Peggy Peterson

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