A Report From The Nicaragua Team!

The foundations of the pavilion have been dug and the concrete has been poured. The base and foundation have been laid and dug for the footers. They will be connected this week. We have been continuing to visit the baseball grounds. As we learn more Spanish, the Gospel has been presented. 




Below please find some testimonies from the members:

Grace Ayers – “I am doing well here in Nicaragua. It is very nice and rainy but I am trying to stay dry. Work and evangelism is going good – we have accomplished many things. I love and miss you all.”

Gabe Leib – “It isn’t like I expected but it is amazing here. I have enjoyed doing construction here. It rains a lot but my tent has stayed pretty dry.”

Brock Kubarek – “Here in Nicaragua it’s really nice. Although it rains pretty much everyday the puddles dry up pretty fast. I love talking to the kids and teens about Jesus and teaching them some English as well. Although it is nice here I can’t wait to see you all again.”

Derek Votaw – “It’s fun. I like the food. I don’t like the work.”

Morgan Capener – “My favorite thing is going to the park. The work is fun sometimes and I like using machetes and axes.”

Kaiden Larose – “I have really enjoyed Nicaragua. It is a very beautiful place. I’ve also really enjoyed working on the project and spending time with the kids at the park. I’ve also really enjoyed making amazing memories with this team and bonding closer and closer together.”

Kasey Conley – “It’s a beautiful place here and I enjoy working and spending time with the people here.”




  1. Team your comments encourage us who believe God’s call is effective in and through all His children. The joy you share universally speaks of the life in His Word and being in Him. How else can you explain the fruit of witnessing under adverse conditions.
    Hebrews 6:10

  2. Sounds like quite an adventure …with an eternal purpose!
    Thankful for the responses and pray all continues as well as it has so far. Praying for receptive hearts as the kids get together on the baseball field.

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