The Trinidad Team Has Been Busy!

Our time here in Trinidad is going by so fast!  It is hard to believe we have been here a week already.  The weather has still been hot and humid, but we have had a fair bit of rain as well, which cools things off for a time.
The team is adjusting to their work schedule.  We wake up early, just like Boot Camp and go to bed early as well.  This seems to work well for them.  The team stays busy mixing concrete and  working on the fence.  It is coming along nicely.  Many of the church men are working alongside of the team and the team is really enjoying that.  
This church is one of the most friendly and welcoming groups we have ever met.  We are continuing to enjoy the different foods of Trinidad that the church brings.  We have had quite a bit of Indian and Chinese foods, all with a Caribbean flair.  No one goes away hungry at any meal we have!  We are proud of the kids for trying so many new things and being so grateful for the time and effort that goes into feeding so many.
Our church service on Sunday was wonderful.  We are learning many new songs from here.  The team spread out and sat with the church people which the team enjoyed.  They did their first presentation and introduced themselves.  They did a great job.  The church just loves being around the group and enjoys fellowshipping with us.
Thank you all for praying for us.  We feel the prayers as we seek strength from the Lord to lead this team and share our love for the Lord with them.  We love this team and believe that God has placed us here together for such a time as this.  To do His work and grow together in Him.
We have asked the team what their first impression was of Trinidad.  Everyone has written one, so over this report and the next  we will share them with you.  
Benjamin A-  I love Trinidad!  This is my second time here and the people are very generous and very kind.  They brought Apple Jay  ( a soft drink) and Bake n Shark which is one of my favorite things!
Arielle I- My first impression of Trinidad was that it was beautiful!  Gorgeous in fact!  In order to work here and get things done, we need to be able to work as a team.  If anyone doesn’t do their part, the job will not be done as well and will take twice as long.  So being in Trinidad is a great team work builder.  Also, another impression was that the people here are truly compassionate and generous.
Ellie D- I think that Trinidad is awesome!  It is sure better than Boot Camp!  The people are very nice and welcoming too.  I also think that it is beautiful.
Aric R-  When I first got here, I thought Trinidad was awesome, and the cars are cool because the steering wheel is on the right side. The people speak English, but they speak fast, so I am like….What?
Isobel L-   I love Trinidad because of it’s people!  They are the nicest people you will ever meet.  They are generous.  Like how every night they bring us food.  They are loving, where they hugged us when we didn’t even know them.  And they are amazing, they treat us like family.  In Trinidad I also love their Bake n Shark!  It is shark cooked in bacon grease then put in bread crumbs around it.  It tastes amazing!  Trinidad is gorgeous.  It has beautiful sunsets and the palm trees are beautiful too.  That is why I love Trinidad.
Kieley D-  Trinidad is a great place!  The people are very nice.   The food is great, the church is nice, and it is very fruitful.
Lillian Y-  Wow!  I have never been in south America before.  I miss my dad and older brother, but I think I will enjoy serving the Lord a lot.  My first impression of Trinidad was that it was beautiful.  Also, I thought that the people were kind and welcoming.
Jeremy Y-  Trinidad is a very hot and humid country.  The people here are nice and speak English, but they speak so fast it is almost like they are speaking something else.  The food here is very different from the US.  They seem to like spicy food a lot.
Lathie C-  When I first got to Trinidad the first thing I thought was ” It smells weird here.”  When I heard the Trinidadians speaking to each other, I thought that they were speaking Spanish.  They were very welcoming when we got to the church.  Their food is so good.  I am very excited to be here in Trinidad.
Ellie C-  My first impressions on coming to Trinidad was it is hot!  The people are very welcoming and the food is good.

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