The Lost Report From Ecuacdor

I’m not sure why but my past couple reports have not made it to the office. My apologies. Everyone is doing well and working extremely hard. The Obstacle Course for the Playas Boot Camp is almost complete, just need water in the Slough. A new outhouse has been dug, Walls are going up and seats are being made. 

The team had a relaxing weekend – a trip to the open market in downtown Playas, which was a new experience for most of them. The crowds of people, vegetable stands, fruit stands, dogs running the aisles, and the smell of fresh meat and seafood in the air. We then walked to the beach with a stop at a local bakery for a quick snack. It was a full fun- filled day.  Sunday we practiced our presentation and did some quizzing on our memory verses. That evening we went to a Baptist church in Playas, another new experience for some. Services start at 8 pm and we arrived home around 11. 

It has been a busy time here but quite profitable, much is being accomplished and the team is looking forward to seeing the Ecuador Boot Camp in action.

We are also happy to have had overcast days to work. It makes for very pleasant days.

 From our team members

Kensley – Being in Ecuador has been a very uplifting experience. I have really enjoyed it so far—the weather, the food, the people are amazing, and my relationship with God is constantly growing. We are preparing to open Ecuador’s Boot Camp and ask that you keep us in your prayers. We can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store.

Ren – Weather is incredible. The scenery is like the ranch with mountains in the background. Mostly good people here.  I like the work. Miss you, family.

Abby, Hey parentals, We ate fried bread for breakfast on Sunday. I was really surprised when it looked and tasted exactly like beignets, just with granulated sugar. Miss my family and hope we got a green ribbon puppy.

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  1. We were missionaries on the coast of Ecuador. And started a camp 5 km north of Playas which still runs. Would love to know more about your place in town. What is it called in Spanish?

  2. Great to hear you are all doing well. Still praying for you all daily. Enjoy the updates. Noel

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