Everything Is Running Smoothly For The South Korea Team!

The team is now well adjusted to the fast-paced schedule of getting up in the morning and going to the school to teach different classes, then in the evening going to church to teach individual children. 

We enjoy walking to the school in the morning, it’s about a 10-minute walk and it’s good exercise.  If we leave a little early, we can even stop at a small store along the way for snacks!  Speaking of snacks, not only do we get lunch at the school, we also get a snack in the afternoon – we are really spoiled!  We will be doing the same schedule next week until we move to the next place a week from today. 

Today is Abby H.’s birthday! We started the day with a candle in a pancake!  More fun stuff is planned for later today.  Every morning, we have a sharing time after devotions.  At first, no one shared much, but this morning we had really good sharing time as more people are opening up, and we are really growing spiritually and as a team.

Anna H. – Everything here is so new and wonderful!  I have tried new foods and everything here tastes good.  Even if we are running on energy drinks and coffee, I am still loving doing God’s work here.

Jason L. – I love South Korea.  The food is great and the kids are awesome.  I’ve learned so much on this missions trip, and I really enjoy the culture.  I miss my family, but I’m so happy to be here in South Korea.  I’m having a blast!



  1. Eric G Moteberg

    Are we going to see photos from this trip at some point?

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