Hello From Mangochi Malawi!

We have had a very busy week here in Mangochi working on well drilling. Monday we got started right away and by lunchtime, we were ready to drill. After lunch, we were able to drill five pipes (about 30 feet) down into the ground. Tuesday and Wednesday the work was slower and by dinnertime, we finished with 11 pipes down (about 90 feet) Thursday we were waiting on one piece for the water pipes that we were going to put down into the hole. So Thursday morning we did EV programs with the kids at the drilling site that came to watch us and we played the recording of the Bible stories from Creation to the time of Abraham. The kids that were with us were excited that the recordings of the Bible were in their own language. In the afternoon until we received the piece we needed we continued with the recordings of the Bible but we started listening to the stories of Jesus. At about 4 pm we received the piece we needed and we began putting the water pipes into the hole that we drilled and by 5 pm all the pipes were in and we could leave it for the night. 

The team is doing very well physically and we praise the Lord that we have not had any injuries or bad sicknesses. The team is growing spiritually and individually God is working to clean out the dirt from our heart so that even our hearts would flow with clean water like the Gospel of Christ and His Word! 

Everyone has really enjoyed the time that we get to spend with the village kids every day. While some of the team is working with the drilling the rest of the team is playing games or singing songs with the kids performing a drama or doing puppet shows. We rotate so that every day just about everyone will get to work with the drilling and get to spend time with the kids. Yesterday we did phonics with the kids and played the phonics games with them also. Most of the kids don’t know English and so teaching phonics was very basic things. 

Our goal is to finish the well by the end of this week and to have clean water flowing by that time. As of right now, all the people of the village get their water from Lake Malawi for drinking, bathing, and laundry. The lake water is not very clean and it’s a father walk for many of them. Our prayer is that through this well people will come to know about Christ and what He has done for sinners. 

Continue to pray for us that we would have safety and good health. Pray that we would be able to share the Gospel of Christ to the villagers in a way that they would understand. Pray that we would not only share the Gospel, but that we would also live the Gospel every day to each other and to the other people around us. 

Thank you for your prayers for us. We are all so thankful to have this experience to serve the Lord together in Malawi.

God bless, 

Malawi Well Drilling Family  

“For the very few days, we’ve been here in Malawi I’ve learned a lot. Like how the people find joy and love the smallest of things. I strive to not only know but understand and learn how to have a humble and loving heart just like them. God is an amazing Father. Yes, I knew that, but it has never been so CLEAR and evident, I only strive to learn more.” Kayla 

“Malawi is pretty fun so far. I met orphan kids and I socialized with them. I learned Chichewa. The food here is good and the lake behind where I sleep is beautiful and cold at night. The kids here are struggling in the environment they live in and I am happy I can help and spread the Word of God.” Peace

“This week in Malawi has been amazing! I’ve seen so many things in the last week from bugs I never thought existed to a whole new culture. The currency is 735 kwacha to $1USD so some things are really cheap.” Tyler N 

“I am loving it here in Malawi. It is beautiful and the weather is great. I love spending time with the kids on the beach and at the Aids Orphans Rescue Unit. Keep praying for us to get past the language barrier and that we can continue to evangelize.” Austin 

“For the short time that we have been in Malawi, I have learned a lot. Like how cold it can get in Africa first of all. I also have started to realize how little the people have but they are still happy. I learned also that Malawians are much quieter than we are. The kids like to play a lot, they can really tire us out. I am really enjoying my time here so far. I even learned a little bit of Chichewa (I don’t know if I spelled that word right!) Hopefully during the days to come we will get to interact with even more people.” Shenice 



  1. Thank you so much for sharing about your mission. Praying for good water to come from your well and Living Water from your teachings. May all be blessed by our Lord saying Well done my good and faithful servants. Love to all Grandma Matzke.

  2. Congratulations on the great progress with the well! Will the team get to drill another well after this one is completed?

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