The Navajo Community Development Team Has Been Busy!

After church on Sunday, we were approached about running the children’s program for the VBS the church is hosting this week. Of course we said “yes”!  (They run an adult program for the parents while the children attend theirs.)  The theme for the week is “Family Focus”.  Every evening at 5 PM, the population here on property quadruples as families arrive for the programs. We eat a potluck dinner first. Although there are many mouths to feed, there is always enough food. The Lord multiplies our “five loaves and two fish”.  We love eating with our Navajo brothers and sisters and are thankful for the invitation that has been extended to us to eat with everyone every evening.  Our contribution to the potluck is always dessert. Every day we make 100+ cookies to share. On Monday, we served chocolate chip cookies. On Tuesday, we baked oatmeal cookies. Today we made my favorite waist stretchers, No Bake cookies. Tomorrow, we will make M&M cookies and Friday, peanut butter cookies.  Our KP’s this week are loving all the extra baking!  After supper, everyone worships together before breaking off into separate classes. We start every class with some kind of high octane, energy zapping game. After, we sit the kids down for a Bible lesson. Our Boot Camp puppet training comes in handy as we tell the children about Noah, Moses, Jonah, Rahab, and David.  Every night of the week we focus on one of those Bible characters. Afterward, we hand out balloon animals and swords.  Kids LOVE balloons. It doesn’t matter where in the world you come from, balloons are a universal fun language. Playing and interacting with children is definitely a team strength, something my four children get to enjoy all day, every day.  

Due to VBS, our work hours on the project site have decreased this week. But work is still progressing. The church and bathroom block shine brightly with their new coat of paint. We ran into some hard rock, which has slowed the form production down. All that rock has to be broken up to make room for a form board. The team has already moved about 15 yards of dirt so far! They dig…a lot!  Two toilets have been completely repaired and all bathrooms have new toilet paper fixtures.

For the first day of the Digital Vortex Survival Guide, Christie did a quick review of the reason the book came to be and the need that Real Battle Ministries is hoping to meet by educating people about the realities of digital media overuse and its risk to the developing brain, up to age 25 years old.  The Introduction and Lesson 1 was reviewed while Lesson 2 was studied completely by reading the Bible verses and lesson aloud.  The discussion was fun and revealed that the team was applying what was in the lesson to themselves personally. Questions were appropriate and added to the subject at hand. The discussion led to many sincere questions that reflected how the team members want to make better use of their time and learn more about how their brain works so that in the future they can have healthier habits regarding technology usage.  We are looking forward to Lesson 3 on Thursday!

Today marks one whole week here at the Inscription House Bible Church.  Time is moving way to fast!  Thank you for continuing to pray for us…we can tell that many are!!


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  1. Love what you all are doing! What a wonderful experience for all!

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