The New Zealand Team Continues To Freeze…

We anticipated snow but only got a few flurries. It remains in the 30’s much of the day and drops lower at night. The team is still working at two different camps doing both work projects and helping to run a children’s camp. The second camp is an hour away so it is a long day for them to drive there, work seven hours and drive back in time for all our nightly activities.

Tonight the team will celebrate a New Zealand winter Christmas by going and leading Christmas carols with the campers. Yesterday they took part and helped host a carnival dressing in a variety of costumes and playing games with the kids. Tomorrow the entire team will give a final presentation before we move to the second camp where we will relax over the weekend, go rock climbing and kayaking, attempt eel fishing and take out some paddle boats as well.  Sunday we hope to go to a new church and give a presentation there if the details with our missionary and the church can be sorted in time.  


“Highlight of the day yesterday: Getting to shovel rocks. #workteam Hi mom!” – Caleb J

“The work team gets to paint and shovel rocks.  The work team is the best #workteam” – Josiah W

“I downed my paint suit and readied my weapon.  The smell of clorox bleach was in the air.  I fought tooth and nail.  The fungus on those walls didn’t stand a chance. #workteam” – Elias 

“We came home from working all day when suddenly our car was surrounded by our EV team dressed as Mexicans (from the children’s carnival they were hosting).  We escaped and grabbed our war paint, clorox and sweaty socks.  We then burst out and beat the Mexicans up and ate all their tacos. #workteam” – Garrett A

“The days are long, the work is hard.  Every day is like the one before it.  I miss my family and my x-box but I will see y’all soon.  Sincerely, your cold son #workteam” – Timo S

“It’s been a great trip so far.  We are about to go to a different camp on Friday.  We may or may not have caught an eel.” – Laura

“Kids camp is going well.  We’ve made friends with a lot of Kiwi kids.  I shared my testimony for the first time to my group and then also to almost 100 people here at their chapel gathering.” – Melody

“New Zealand is C O L D !!!  But it is so much better than Florida!  Me and Corbin have been teaching Archery.  It is so much fun! – Abi

“The kids camp is so much fun.  We’ve made friends with both the kids and the teams.  I can’t wait to see what else we’ll do in the rest of our stay in New Zealand.” – Josh

“New Zealand is pretty and I can’t wait to play games again at home” – Brian

“Don’t be surprised if we all come home and start talking a little weird!  Since we arrived in New Zealand, we’ve been picking up some Kiwi slang from the kids at camp.  This trip has been amazing!” – Emily


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