The Peru Team Continues To Work Hard!

Wow! I can’t believe it is Wednesday already! This week is going by fast and before you know it we will be on the way back home! This week has been a little different than last week. On Monday we started pouring concrete and setting the rebar structures for the frame of the addition. This work has continued the past two days. There aren’t enough jobs for everyone to do so we have split into groups. While some work, others are evangelizing on the street or playing with the local children. Then we rotate so that everyone gets a chance to do both. We hope to pour the rest of the concrete in the next few days and hopefully start laying bricks on Friday or Monday. 

Yesterday (Tuesday) evening we had the opportunity to walk to a nearby lake. We happened to get there right around sunset. The view of the lake with the setting sun behind it was absolutely gorgeous! We took a lot of pictures while there and got to talk to some of the locals. On the way back we stopped by the bakery and enjoyed some delicious pastries and cakes. 

KP the last few days has been amazing as always! Andrew and Kathryn made Rice Crispy Treats on Monday. Elli and Charles helped Emily with pizza Tuesday night, they even made a llama out of pepperonis on one of them! Today Sam and Dot helped make Oreo pudding dessert for lunch as well as turkey meatballs. I am so proud of how hard these kids have worked both in the kitchen and out. They are really starting to bond and come together as a team. 

This Saturday we have the opportunity to go back to the orphanage. The kids are really excited to get to minister to the children again. Sunday we have been invited to do a presentation at a local church. This is going to be a very neat opportunity for the kids to see yet another part of the Peruvian culture. Please continue to pray for us and our mission here in Peru. 


Sam: Peru is fun! People don’t have much, but they are so happy. The motorcars are fun, and the food is good! 

Kalina: The food is really good! I love playing with the kids in the afternoons. It’s so beautiful here and the weather is nice. I’ll miss it so much. 

 Cassidy: It is really beautiful in Peru! My favorite part is playing with the kids during our free time. Everybody here is so friendly and welcoming, and I love the culture here!

Gabe: Peru is great. The people are nice, the leaders are also doing well. It is a really good experience in my opinion. 


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