Whether It Rains, Whether It Pours!

Greetings from rainy Ethiopia. We experience rains each day, sometimes in the night, sometimes all day and sometimes for just an hour; not a day goes by without the rains.  

Work at the site is progressing.  We are working on the footer of the building.  Yesterday the stones and gravel arrived via a number of donkey-drawn carts.  A stone cutter was at the site today chiseling the stones as the kids placed them.  We are the object of curiosity and the village kids love to peek at us through the fence on the worksite.  We are getting used to the 30-minute trek each way. Today we stopped in the road and watched a donkey cart do a u-turn to avoid another cart driver with a full load of wood.  

Mrs Maher stays behind each day with the KP and one of the other lady leaders.  We keep up with the water filtering and cooking.  

We have had a few kids struggle with dehydration.   While it is rainy, it is also very warm at the work site. We are constantly telling everyone to drink.  

Three times the team has been invited to the orphanage to have coffee and cookies.  The team loves it.  Many said it is the best coffee they have ever had.

Hey family. Life here is really busy and different. We started at the worksite and we are working hard.  Sometimes things move slowly here. All the kids climb up in the trees to watch us work and laugh at us a little.  I am having fun and learning a lot. Hope everything is good at home.  Miss you guys. —–Alyssa

Hey from Ethiopia! Since we arrived from the long flight, life has been crazy.  We started digging the foundation.  We also visit the orphans. I enjoy their sweet smiles and warm hugs.  Super thankful for the compound we stay in and the roof over our heads. —-Shireen

Hey guys! I miss you.  Ethiopia has been cold and hot at the same time. The work has been hard but fun. Love you all—Noah

Today we filled up one side of the foundation ditch.  Recently more people have been in good moods and are invigorating to the rest of the team.  I have been doing amazing.  Love and miss you—Ellyanna

The entire team sends you greetings and thank you so much for your prayers.  We are grateful for safety on the worksite.  We are so thankful for all our daily blessings.   


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