Another Report From The Madagascar Team!

Hello to you all! The Madagascar team is doing incredibly well out here in Mahajanga, and we are really enjoying our time here. Every day the team has been going out on their motorbikes and sharing their presentations with the children and people of the villages. The team has shared their fun children songs, as well as their dramas. The kids really love the team’s dramas, and they really get into it. The team also does phonics with the kids, and they do a puppet show. It’s really exciting for the team to see the kids learning something that they taught, like phonics!

After a morning of riding and presentations, the team comes back to the property, and they’ve been doing work projects around the base here. They’ve been painting and organizing around the property, and I know the staff and students here are thankful for the team’s help. Today the team went on their

Today the team went on their longest ride yet, it was around two hours long. They did super well, and we plan to go back tomorrow and hope to see more children show up! Other than evangelism and working around the base, the team does classes like Bible Marking, Library Reading, God’s Gentlemen/Grubby to Grace, and Digital Vortex. Sometimes the kids find these classes a bit monotonous, but I think they are learning Biblical life truths as well. Over all the team is doing well, and they are falling more in love with the people of

Madagascar! They are excited to continue their journey here and show more Malagasy people the love of Jesus.



“The people here in Madagascar are so friendly, and really eager to learn about Christ!” -Ian Fitzgerald

“The people here are so amazing, and kids are really awesome at soccer.” -Caleb Davis

“It’s so fun to spend time with the kids! We are all having fun spending time with each other, oh and the bikes too!” -Lexie Percifield

“Everyone is doing very well on the bikes and they are learning very quick.” -Ethan Warner


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